CelebMix Christmas Gift Guide: Glee Edition

This holiday season CelebMix is doing a gift guide everyday for different fandoms. Giving a gift to someone who loves a particular band or television show can be tough. Most gifts look alike and aren’t very inspirational. That’s why CelebMix has chosen to make unique gift guides that will guarantee great gifts no matter who you are a fan of. Today’s guide is for all Glee fans.

The popular TV show Glee has millions of fans worldwide. With the show ending in March this year many of the fans would for sure love a Glee-inspired Christmas / Holiday present that reminds them of their favourite show. We have found some gifts that will make your average Gleek happy this holiday season.


CelebMix Christmas Gift Guide: Glee Edition 6
Courage / All You Need Is Love necklaces

Where: Courage Necklace in brass All You Need Is Love Necklace in brass  

How much: The Courage necklace costs $12 and the Love necklace costs $16.


If you are a big Glee fan or a Klaine fan, in particular, the quotes on the necklaces will most likely mean a lot to you. The Courage necklace is inspired by Blaine’s text to Kurt in the sixth episode of the second season. Kurt was going through a horrific period by being bullied, and Blaine’s simple text made him just a bit more hopeful about his future. The All You Need Is Love necklace is inspired by the first episode of the fifth season which has the same title. The song All You Need Is Love is performed right before Blaine proposes to Kurt. Just like Glee, these necklaces’ messages will remind you that things do get better and that someone out there cares about you.


CelebMix Christmas Gift Guide: Glee Edition 7
The Land of Stories

Where: On the official website and in bookstores

How much: The prices vary depending on where you buy it


This is the perfect gift for all Glee fans who are also book lovers! The books in the bestselling series The Land of Stories are written by cast member Chris Colfer. It is promoted as a children’s book but it can be read by people of all ages. In his books fairy tales and classic stories collide, and he manages to create a new unique and entertaining universe. USA Today has even said the following about the series: “There is more in Colfer’s magic kingdoms than Disney has dreamt of.” If that doesn’t sound like a wonderful gift, we don’t know what does!


CelebMix Christmas Gift Guide: Glee Edition 5
What: Phone cases

Where: Glee Cheerio iPhone CaseYou may laugh… iPhone CaseFinn Hudson Football Jersey (white) iPhone Case

How Much: Between 25 and 28 dollars depending on which phone case you choose


Having a phone case that is special to you is a fun way to show other people who you are in a simple way. There are many fan-made phone cases in this fandom which displays everything from quotes to logos to some of Blaine Anderson’s many colourful bowties and suspenders. We have found three cases that all Glee fans will love to be gifted with. The first one shows the infamous Cheerio uniform which many of the Glee characters has worn on the show. The second case is an iconic quote from the lead character Rachel Berry. It is from the pilot episode where she says: “My gold stars are a metaphor for me being a star”. The last case is Finn Hudson’s McKinley High football jersey with his name and number. This case will mean a lot to fans of the character and the actor, Cory Monteith, who portrayed him. Monteith tragically passed away in 2013 which was a huge loss to everyone in the Glee family. Giving a phone case that pays tribute to him to someone who loves him would be a very thoughtful gift.


CelebMix Christmas Gift Guide: Glee Edition 4
See The World spiral notebook

Where: On RedBubble

How much: $13,23


This would be the perfect gift for aspiring writers or people who just want somewhere to put their thoughts. The notebook has 120 pages and you can either choose ruled or graph pages. The cover of the notebook features a beloved quote from the final scene of the entire series. The quote explains what Glee is truly about. It is how all fans of the show think and live their lives, and how we wish all people saw the world.

“It takes a lot of bravery to look around you and see the world not as it is but as it should be. A world where the quarterback becomes best friends with the gay kid, and the girl with the big nose ends up on Broadway. Finding the courage to open up your heart and sing about it. That’s what glee club is. And for the longest time I thought that was silly, and now I think it’s just about the bravest thing that anyone could do.”


CelebMix Christmas Gift Guide: Glee Edition 3
Cast books

Where and how much: 

You First by Lea Michele $10,50 (ON SALE! Original price: $17,99)

Brunette Ambition by Lea Michele $14,70 (ON SALE! Original price: $21)

Choosing Glee by Jenna Ushkowitz  $16,04

Happy Accidents by Jane Lynch $9,07  (ON SALE! Original price: $25,99)


Several members of the cast have written books about their life and experiences. Many fans of the show love it because of the talented cast members, so a book written by one of them would make the perfect present. The latest book is written by Lea Michele, who plays the lead character Rachel Berry, and is called You First. You First is a journal and it helps you be the best version of yourself that you can be. This would be a great item to have in the New Year, where a lot of people want to get back on track. Another book that will help you become a better version of yourself is Choosing Glee by Jenna Ushkowitz who plays Tina Cohen-Chang on the show. Her book inspires everyone to invoke positive thinking into everything they do.


CelebMix Christmas Gift Guide: Glee Edition 2
What: Glee DVD set

Where: On Fox’ official website 

How much: $99,98


The last gift idea is on the expensive side, but it would make all Glee fans happy. This set includes all six seasons of the show and it also contains exclusive extras. The show had its ups and downs. All fans experienced love, laughter, joy, frustration and heartache through the six wonderful seasons. The show holds a special place in many people’s hearts, and it has changed many lives by giving underdogs a voice. It has inspired fans to follow their dreams even when they seemed impossible. It has inspired LGTBQ+ to come out to their loved ones even when they were afraid of the consequences. And it has taught everyone to live life to the fullest and not care what other people think. By gifting this to a Glee fan you will guarantee them life-long memories of their favourite television show in the world.

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