CelebMix Christmas Gift Guide: Harry Styles

The holidays are upon us; like – now!  There’s not much time left to get those last minute gifts in time for Christmas but is there ever a bad time to give a Harry Styles lover in your life a “just because” present if you don’t want to pay extra for expedited shipping?  We think not!  Here are some of our favorite gifts for anyone who loves Harry Styles!

5. Cute As A Button Phone Case

CelebMix Christmas Gift Guide: Harry Styles 1

Any Harry Styles phone case is sure to be a hit for the Harry lover in your life – we never really put down our phones do we?  If you search Etsy or Redbubble there are loads and loads of phone cases with photos, sketches, rainbows, and quotes of Harry Styles – one of our favorites?  The “cute as a button, every single one of you” case – you know why! This specific phone case is £14.11 – plus shipping!

4. ‘All The Love’ Shirt

CelebMix Christmas Gift Guide: Harry Styles 2

This T-Shirt is sure to be a hit for any Styles lover in your life.  There are few things cuter than a well-done Harry sketch and his ‘all the love’ phrase is important to the fans!  His rosy cheeks and outspread arms with the little fluttering hearts make us ‘awww’ when we see this specific sketch!  It’s a must have.  You can pick this up here for £22.68 – plus shipping!

3. Paper Airplane Necklace

CelebMix Christmas Gift Guide: Harry Styles 3

A once staple to Harry Style’s fashion – the paper air plane necklace is a perfect gift of anyone who adores Harry.  The cool thing about this paper plane necklace? The heart charm next to it where you can add an initial!  It makes it a bit unique!  You can get it at Etsy for £13.72 – plus shipping!

2. THE Rainbow Mug

CelebMix Christmas Gift Guide: Harry Styles 4

If you’ve seen Drag Me Down you’ll understand why this mug is a great gift for a Harry lover!  Not only was it featured in the Drag Me Down music video – but all One Direction fans run off of is adrenaline and coffee because we don’t ever sleep – so the Harry lover in your lifer probably drinks it by the gallon!  This mug is cute and will remind the person you gift it to of Harry every time they see it!  You can get it here for £14.07 – plus shipping!

1. Harry Styles’ Tattoo Jumper

CelebMix Christmas Gift Guide: Harry Styles 5

The number one gift for the Harry Styles fan in your life is definitely his tattoo jumper!  You may have to sharpie in the newest addition ‘late late’ to his arm – but otherwise – you’re set!  This sweater is comfortable and a true staple to the wardrobe of a Harry Styles fan.  His tattoos are part of what makes Harry so unique; and this gift will make you, probably, their favorite gift giver, ever.  You can pick it up here for £26.53 – plus shipping!


We also have to note that some of our go to gifts were on 1D Fans Give & The 1950 Collective but The 1950 Collective is closed for the Holidays and 1DFansGive is out of their ‘I Study Rainbows’ bracelet – they do still have the ‘All the love’ hair tie and bracelet in stock though.  Be sure to keep up to date with both sites for some more great gift ideas for your Harry Styles fan!

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.