CelebMix Christmas Guide: Riverdale Edition

Christmas shopping for a loved one can sometimes be extremely hard, however, we are here to help you purchase the most perfect merch for that TV lover in your life. Here we bring you the best gifts for all of the hardcore Riverdale fans out in the world.

Gift 1

What: Riverdale Earring Set

Photo Credit: Hot Topic

Where: Hot Topic

How much: $11.90

Why: For the lovers of Riverdale and jewellery… This is the perfect gift to bring them both together!

Gift 2

What: ‘Bitchy’ Cherry Top

Photo Credit: Hot Topic

Where: Hot Topic

How much: $24.90

Why: Because who wouldn’t want to embrace their inner Cheryl and own something that the Queen of Riverdale also owns?

Gift 3

What: Betty and Jughead Mug

Where: Amazon

How much: £9.99

Why: For all the Bughead lovers out there, this is the absolute perfect mug to relax on the sofa with filled with milkshake, as served at Pops Diner, whilst binge-watching Riverdale.

Gift 4

What: Betty and Veronica Best Friend Necklace Set

Where: Hot Topic

How much: $10.90

Why: Betty and Veronica are the definition of best friends. Share the same love by giving the Betty to your Veronica or the Veronica to your Betty the other half of these gorgeous necklaces.

Gift 5

What: Riverdale Phonecase

Where: Etsy

How much: Price varies depending on the device.

Why: Embrace the red lips, support the bulldogs, dine at Pop’s Diner and drink all the strawberry milkshakes with this phone case, the perfect gift for a Riverdale fan!

Gift 6

What: Archie’s Colouring Book

Photo Credit: Amazon

Where: Amazon

How much: £7.46

Why: When you’re having a dull day or need a little relaxation time, you can liven up with the world of Riverdale with your very own colouring book, allowing you to create the aesthetics as pleasing as you want, just like the show.

Gift 7

What: Betty Crown Sweatshirt

Photo: LJupiter – https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/LJupiter?ref=l2-shopheader-name

Where: Etsy

How much: £22.93 + £13.27 shipping

Why: Whilst the final gift is a more pricey option, we can’t tell you how much a Betty/Jughead/Bughead fan would appreciate this gift. Allow your loved one to embrace their Betty Cooper and swoon over Jughead with this gorgeous sweatshirt.

Which Riverdale gift will you be purchasing for that Riverdale fan in your life? Or maybe you want to treat yourself this December? Let us know by tweeting us over at @CelebMix!

Written by ShelbyAmess

My name is Shelby and I'm here to talk to you about all the celebrity news in the world right now and hope that it sparks up your interest. :)