CelebMix Exclusive: Discover Frenship

Frenship is a musical duo out of Los Angeles, California who just released an incredible EP titled Truce. The five song EP was something the pair worked hard on to ensure the songs being released to the public were ones they were proud of, and proud they should be.  The lyrics, incredible backbeat, and vocals on each tune are unique and leave a lasting impression on listeners.  From their song Carpet to a tune that features Emily Warren called Capsize – you’re sure to find a tune that will get stuck in your head and be the perfect addition to any fall playlist.

The duo is currently on a US tour with CHERUB and they’re making a name for themselves as they go along. They’re just as incredible live as they are on their tracks which further proves how talented they are. They’re at the beginning of their journey and it’s turned out to be an incredible start; they’re a band you definitely want to familiarize yourself with, you’ll be hearing a lot more about them in the future.

We got to chat with Frenship about their new EP, what’s in store for the future, and how awesome being on tour with CHERUB is.

Let’s start big; you just released your EP Truce (congrats by the way) – what was the most fulfilling part of finally being able to give that to your fans?
(Brett)-I think the most fulfilling part of that has shown up at the shows we’ve been playing. Having people sing all those songs back to us when we play them live is a really cool thing.

You’re on tour right now with CHERUB; what’s life been like on the road?
(James) It’s been great. It’s really fun to get to play a new show every night. It lets you improve and tweak constantly. And The Cherub guys are awesome.

What is your favorite song to perform live?
(Brett)-we both are really digging this re-work we did of one of our first songs “Morrison”. It is definitely the song with the most energy to it.

Your tune “Capsize” has an awesome music video, what was the process like creating your first music video, and how was working with Emily Warren?
(James) Thank you! It was a tough process at first but ultimately we ended on something we’re proud of! Shout out to everyone involved–you guys killed it.

Working with Emily is just the damn best. She’s a blast and an incredible talent.

If you put your iTunes on shuffle right now, what’s the first song that pops up?
(Brett)-I’m more of a Spotify guy myself but when I shuffled my “September playlist” the first song that played was the new Kings of Leon tune “Waste a Moment”.

What musicians have inspired you on your journey so far?
(James) I pull from a tons of different artists. Phill Collins, John Mellencamp, Adele, Sting, Coldplay consistently pop up for me.

Which of your songs has been the most emotionally liberating to write?
(Brett)-probably the ones that never made it out into the public. Some of the most personal things we’ve written have yet to see the light of day. Maybe they’ll wind up on the album we’re hoping to put out in 2017.

If you could tell your fans one thing about you that they probably don’t know yet, what would it be?
(James) I’m really color blind. Like color dumb. I mess up colors all of the time.

Where can new fans go to keep up with you?
(Brett)-you can find it all at wearefrenship.com or @wearefrenship on all socials.

You can buy Truce on iTunes or steam it on Spotify and be sure to check their tour dates to see where you can catch a show!

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.