CelebMix Exclusive Interview: JC Stewart

CelebMix recently introduced you to JC Stewart, a talented soulful singer and song-writer from Northern Ireland, who has just finished supported Kodaline on their European tour dates, has recently released new single ‘Like I Did’ and is also set to support Lewis Capaldi on his upcoming Irish tour dates later this year.

He recently announced a headline show in London’s ‘The Waiting Room’ venue on Tuesday 4 December 2018. Limited tickets for this show can be bought by clicking here.

CelebMix had the opportunity to exclusively speak with JC Stewart about his new single, what he would like to achieve music-related and much more. Keep reading to check out our interview!

You recently released your new single ‘Like I Did.’ What does this track represent to you?

“‘Like I Did’ is an honest track about the bitterness after a relationship ends. I think everyone’s been through the angry stage of a break-up and after a friend of mine told me about his situation, ‘Like I Did’ came pretty quickly.”

How does it feel to have your own original music released?

“It’s both super exciting and terrifying. I can never listen to songs for weeks before they come out, because I’m always so nervous that they are potentially terrible, but the reaction to both tracks I’ve put out so far has been absolutely insane.” 

When writing and producing music, do you rely on past experiences and use them in your song-writing?

“Absolutely! It’s important to me to try and write songs that people can really connect to and so the easiest way to do that is to write about really things. Anything can inspire a song though!”

It was recently announced that in December of this year, you’ll be supporting Lewis Capaldi on his Irish tour dates. Are you looking forward to performing in your home country?

“I can’t wait! Lewis is one of the most exciting UK artists around and I’m a huge fan of his stuff. It’s gonna be a lot of fun.” 

Who are your musical influences?

“It’s kind of all over the place! It ranges from Biffy Clyro to Elvis to Chance The Rapper to Taylor Swift to The Band and pretty much anything else you can think of. There’s very few styles of music that I don’t listen to at one point or another.” 

How would you sum up your music sound?

“I would say it’s emotive pop music, with a bit of soul in there. It’s always super hard to describe your own sound.”

Is there anything in particular you would like to achieve music-related?

“Obviously, the crazy dream is to be winning Grammy’s and touring the world, but really I just love working with people who’s music I admire. I’ve been doing a lot of collaborations recently and it’s my favourite thing in the world.” 

If you were to collaborate with any artist, who would it be and why?

“Perfect follow-on question! Right now, it would have to be Chance The Rapper. There’s just something about the way he says simple things and puts them in a strange format, but is still able to get an incredibly powerful message across that massively grabs me.” 

In the coming months music-wise, what else can be expected from you? Is a potential EP or album in the works?

“I have another song coming out before the end of the year and then next year, there are even more songs and some other ridiculously exciting things on the cards.”

Finally, do you have a message for your supporters?

“You’re all complete legends. Straight up. Beers on me the next time I see you.” 

His new single ‘Like I Did’ can be bought on iTunes by clicking here. The track can also be streamed on Spotify through the link below and can also be purchased on other responsible music purchasing outlets.

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Written by Rachel Dempster