CelebMix Exclusive Interview: Ryan Lawrie

Ryan Lawrie is best known for finishing sixth place on ‘The X Factor’ in 2016, impressing not only the Judges (Simon Cowell, mentor Nicole Scherzinger, Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh) but also the public, gaining a legion of fans.

Following his appearance on the show, Ryan featured on ‘The X Factor Live Tour,’ performing at arenas across the UK and Ireland. He recently embarked on his debut headline solo tour, visiting Newcastle, London, Milton Keynes, Manchester, Glasgow before finishing the tour in Belfast!

CelebMix had the chance to talk to Ryan before his performance in Belfast, where he spoke about his time on ‘The X Factor,’ his musical influences and his plans for the future. We even got some of you guys to send in questions to ask Ryan. Check out the interview below!

This is the last date of your debut headline solo tour. What’s it been like to get the opportunity to meet those who supported you throughout your time on ‘The X Factor?’

It’s been amazing. It’s so weird going from having an okay fanbase – not massive – but then performing on ‘The X Factor’ has just increased it so much. Then coming to see everyone that’s been supporting me for so long, but then also getting to see new faces as well. It’s so weird to experience that. I just want to say thank you to everyone. 

Where has been your favourite place to play on your debut headline solo tour?

Milton Keynes and Manchester were actually really good. It’s hard, I can’t pick one. 

What is your favourite aspect of touring?

Getting to see different cities. Glasgow is quite boring when you live there every day of your life. To get touring and performing your music to different people with different accents, it’s really cool. 

What do you miss most when you are away from home?

I don’t really miss anything at all from being at home. I know that sounds terrible, my Mum will be like ‘what are you saying that for?’ My family, obviously – I miss them. I feel like I’d rather be busy than be back at home, because being back at home is quite boring. I miss my Mum and Dad, family and of course, my girlfriend (Emily Middlemas). 

How would you sum up your style of music?

I think it’s really mixed. When it comes to writing, I kind of use everything – every genre, because I listen to everything literally, except heavy metal, maybe not that. I think it’s just pop, I like to put in a bit of R&B, a little of rock. It’s a mixed genre.

Going back to your time on ‘The X Factor,’ how would you sum up your experience on the show?

It was amazing. It’s like a blur now, I can’t really remember things when I think back because it was so fast-paced. There were so many mixed emotions throughout the full thing. It was just crazy. I don’t regret anything, I think it’s been amazing. It’s really helped me to get to where I want to be. Performing each week to millions of people on TV is something to be proud of.

What was your favourite performance while on the show?

‘Play That Funky Music’ or ‘Twist and Shout.’ It took a while for them to realise what I wanted to do, but then once it happened, I was like ‘I’m happy with this now.’ I started just getting in to it, and then Honey G knocked me out.

Before going on stage, do you have a pre-show ritual? 

Before I go on stage, I yawn a lot for some reason as if I’m tired, but I’m not actually tired, I’ve got so much adrenaline. I think it’s nerves. I always do jumps and stretches just to get the blood flowing.

Who are your musical influences?

I have so many. The usual ones – Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Prince and then Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, so many! I love listening to every genre – The Rolling Stones, Britney Spears. It’s so different, but everything just mixes together. 

Who would be your dream collaboration and why?

I think Sia. I know I haven’t got the most powerful voice in the world, but I feel like she’s just incredible at writing and as a singer. I think it would be quite interesting to do something with her. Or Anne Marie. I like Anne Marie right now. 

If you could write a song for any artist, who would it be?

Justin Bieber, just because everything he does goes to Number 1. He’s really cool and he’s one of the biggest artists in the world, so to get a song for him, everyone would know it and to hear it played on every station in the world would be cool. 

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

To never give up. As someone said to me, if you can see it in your mind, then you can make it come true. That has always stuck in my mind. I believe in fate as well. If you want to be something or do something, don’t stop until it happens. 

Have you any advice for anyone planning on auditioning for ‘The X Factor’ this year?

I would say make sure you get as much sleep as possible before you go, because it is the most hard-working thing. You don’t really get a lot of time to rest. Be prepared to work hard and don’t be second-hearted about it – you have to believe in yourself. Have a smile on your face constantly and just give it everything you can. 

What has been your biggest achievement to date and what is something you would like to achieve in the future?

Coming sixth on ‘The X Factor’ was pretty good and performing at Wembley was amazing. They are like the two highlights so far. I want to try and achieve winning an award – that would be amazing. Even to be nominated for something like that would be unbelievable. That’s the thing I’m working towards and I’ll hopefully get a few cuts, and maybe get in the Charts, we’ll see. 

What can we expect from you in the future – EP, album?

I’ll definitely be doing my own release, maybe a single will be coming soon – I’m still thinking about it. I’m constantly writing just now for other people. I’ll definitely be doing my side project and maybe release an album but also be writing for other people at the same time. 

Finally, do you have a message for your fans?

Thank you for all the support and getting me to where I am now. I think I was in the bottom two like five times or something like that while I was on ‘The X Factor,’ but the public vote saved me every week. That’s just because my fanbase is unbelievable on social media and I think that’s where my strongest point was when I was on there. I just want to say thank you for voting for me while I was there, staying true, coming to my gigs and seeing me on tour. 

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Written by Rachel Dempster