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Not every protest needs to take a violent turn. Comprising DJ/Producer Jinx McGee and vocalist Alexander Beatz, Middlespoon in a bid to disrupt the heteronormative narrative in the mainstream music industry have turned their very art into a medium of rebellion.

The duo define their music as a block party anthem and we couldn’t agree more. Since their debut, Middlespoon have accumulated over 1.5 million streams and the number is still growing. Post success of their single LightningBug, the duo have finally dropped their debut EP “HouseWife”.

CelebMix in its interview with Middlespoon discussed duo’s vision for their art and their new EP. Check out the complete interview below:

Hi! Please tell our readers a bit about yourself.

We are two queer kids in Austin Texas who believe we can make the world a little bit better and have a damn good time doing it.

How did your journey as artists begin?

Jinx – Art is a way to say things that you can’t say out loud. Growing up as a gay kid in small-town Hater-ville Texas, art was a very therapeutic and truly important outlet for a lot of confusing emotions. My journey as an artist began at an early age when I realized that I could soothe my pain and truly express myself by making music.
Alex – My mom has been singing to me since I was in the belly. I grew up in Maui, listening to all kinds of music. It’s always been a way for me to understand myself and experience what I believe to be glimpses of true freedom.
Do you have any artists you look up to in terms of music or personality or both?
We have so much respect and admiration for what Ru Paul has done to normalize and celebrate a community who has suffered so much discrimination. He’s opened the minds of millions that being different means being beautiful, and done so with such class and grace. And for that we love him.
Michael Jackson is an undeniable musical influence on both of us. Growing up singing his songs, watching his performances and learning his dance moves, we simply cannot imagine who we would be without that influence to shape our young musical minds.
Your song was recently premiered at the Billboard. How do you feel about it?
We kinda sorta totally have a crush on Billboard Pride and our hearts are pre-cumming with happiness.
Your music is a medium of rebellion, but it incorporates the elements of current musical trends which makes the listener hook on to your songs. Please tell us about your creative process.
The creative process usually starts with a concept. We think it’s necessary to share ideas about crucial topics. Jinx cranks out beats like a mad scientist and then Alexander carefully crafts a meaningful message. We’ve been calling it ‘Pop with Purpose’. We take our time to perfect the beat and we still got love for the streets.
Music has always been a safe and mostly an experimental medium of expression for people around the world. As mentioned above, you guys also use it to speak about and against conventional roles. What prompted you to use music to talk about the subject matter you have been most passionate about?
We think it’s important to speak about real issues. Music is something we both love if we used it for anything other then a platform on which to share more love and understanding we’d be doing ourselves and everyone else a disservice. We both love hip-hop and pop but we were sick of having to listen to songs inundated with toxic masculinity. They perpetuate stereotypes and disrespect women and we’re over it.
We loved your EP. There is a variety of sound in the songs and their lyrics are well crafted. Please tell our readers about “HouseWife”.
‘HouseWife’ is FUN. We’ve created a feel-good sexy summer vibe and it’ll make you chub up with joy. We don’t live conventional lives and we aren’t afraid to sing about it.
What’s your favourite song off the EP and why?
I love all my children equally!
Ok but actually HouseWife. That’s our current favorite because it just makes us feel so damn sexy!
It’s Pride Month! What does “Pride” mean to you?
Pride is a celebration of acceptance! Pride is the future, where people can be themselves without fear. Where people love themselves. Where we can take pride in who we are and accept and celebrate others for who they are. Pride is about progress. Moving forward and taking pride in the world as we move away from fear and towards love.
How do you plan to spend the rest of 2018? Would you like to share with us your future projects or endeavors?
We’ll be touring and playing some of our favorite festivals this fall. We’ve got some hot hot fires in the oven and we’ll be spending the winter writing and recording our first full length album. We’ve been so lucky to meet some of our heroes in the LGBTQ community this year and we’re excited to collaborate with some truly great artists! See a full list of tour dates at middlespoonmusic.com.
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