CelebMix Exclusive: Interview with The Wild Wild

Benjamin Dunn, also known as The Wild Wild is someone who is taking a unique and very personal journey to create a type of music that is both inspiring and fun. The Wild Wild is a great description of Benjamin’s life so far. At age 16 he left home and made his way to California where he abandoned his car and ‘truly began living’. His journey, both personally and as an artist, is reflected in his music which is definitely art.

We got to talk to The Wild Wild about his incredible video for ‘When We Were Young’, some of his personal inspiration, and how to keep up with him for all of his incredible work coming this year.

In addition to those fun questions, we also asked him about his new single ‘Alright’ – and if you’ve not heard it yet, go here to listen to it. It’ll be a must-have for your playlist.

Hey! Let’s get started with the mention that your music video for ‘When We Were Young’ is incredible. We love the sort of ironic vibe of it. What was your favorite part of putting that together?
It was so fun to work with my friend’s kids and see their excitement. To see them act out and do boring adult everyday activities. It was really cute to see it through their eyes.  The song really carries the message of that great feeling of being young and carefree so to bring the song to life and have fun with it was incredible.

Your sound is really unique, and it makes us want to dance, is your music style also the kind you like to listen to on your own?
Thank you. I love too many genres.  I’m really drawn to good songs.  If the production on a song sounds dope, I’ll listen to it and enjoy it, but if it’s a GREAT song, it will stay with me forever.

What inspired you to get involved with music? Was it a passion from childhood or something you grew into?
It has always been a passion.  Music has always been a part of me and my life since I can remember. I’ve always been singing and playing instruments, it runs in the family.

Your single ‘Alright’ is a perfect song for a lot of the way the world is going right now. It’s a nice reminder that things can be good if we remember to look for the light. Is that an important message for your music?
Yes, definitely.  I think looking to the light, heaven, universe, god, whatever higher power you believe in and saying what you see – how the world should be – is a massive part of being an artist for me.

What’s the best part of writing a song? What about the hardest part?
Best part of writing a song is creating something.  Having the power of taking something that didn’t exist and manifesting into something that you can share with everyone is amazing.  

Hardest part about writing a song is finishing the song. Making sure the production is right and balance of the production does the lyric and melody justice and making sure it all goes together as it should.

What is your current guilty pleasure song?
Migos – Bad and Bougee

“I want to give something a little familiar…Showing that the familiar has always been magical, it’s just that we stop looking for the sparkle in them.” – this quote is incredible. Is this something you try to live by in your own life as well?
Yes, to the fullest. Everyday.

What is your favorite book? Do you ever draw inspiration in your work from works of literature?

Revolution For the Hell of It; No One Gets Out of here Alive; Out of the Silent Planet.

Take in so much inspiration from reading.

Tell us two things about yourself that you’d like your fans to know.
I will be putting out a lot more music this year and to stay tuned.

Who would be your dream artist to collaborate with?
Living – Phil Collins

Dead – Jim Morrison

Where can we go to keep up with you?
Please follow me on all my socials and my Spotify.  I am always making playlists that I hope others can enjoy as well! Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.