CelebMix Holiday Hacks: Getting your vehicle winter ready with Larry McReynolds

The seasons have officially changed and summer has wished us a fond goodbye. Warm summer nights have been replaced with chilly winter evenings and those nice and gentle mornings are, quite frankly, rather frigid these days. When it comes to winter, we aren’t the only ones who need some preparing when it comes to bracing the elements; our cars need help too.

We spoke with Larry McReynolds who has won 23 races as a crew chief, including 2 Daytona 500 wins, about what we can do to make sure our vehicles are equipped to make it through the snow, ice, and freezing temperatures this winter.

In addition to being a legend as far as race cars go, Larry is also a television personality and motivational speaker, which is part of what has helped him reach his own levels of success and help others get there as well. For those reasons and then some, we’re certainly taking his advice this year and in years to come. Besides, if we don’t treat our cars right then how will we get to all those awesome concerts, conventions, and film premieres?

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Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.