CelebMix Interprets Kiwi’s Music Video

After months of anticipation, Harry Styles has finally blessed the world with the music video of his highly anticipated single Kiwi. On one hand, the news of the release excited fans while on the other hand, the production and plot baffled them.

As soon as the video released, people took on social media platforms to voice out their opinions of the video. A lot of people found it “fun”, “cute” but “confusing”.

So, what’s Kiwi exactly about? Let’s talk about it.

Contradiction between the video and the audio

What really seemed to baffle viewers was the contradiction between the audio and the video. We expected a badass woman making her way through a crowd of stare mongers but instead got kids, puppies and cupcake war.

But if we watch the video closely, we will be able to understand that we have got the most appropriate product of the lyrics and tone of the song. The aggressiveness of single’s music syncs perfectly with kids’ seriousness towards their cupcake war.

Discourse on rebellion

The song discusses the idea of rebellion. It attempts to convey the significance of courage. Using the tool of hyperbole, Harry shows that no matter how big or small rebellion is, one needs to be courageous enough to speak up and take stand for one’s self. Be it the woman in the lyrics or the kids in the video, both offer an ideal figure who personify rebellion against authority.

As the kid in yellow suit says “What the fudge”, and as the female protagonist leads the war with her prowess and strategic moves, the kids have already blurred the boundaries.

Who is the lady in the lyrics?

Unlike how media is trying to assume it, the women in the single is just a fictional figure who shows the extent to which one can go against the norm. She is fierce and “dangerous”, a typical caricature of “strong” woman who is always an object of mystery for men.

What do cupcakes signify?

The use of cupcakes adds a layer to the song. Fans interpreted Kiwi to be a parody of Harry’s role in Dunkirk but the cupcakes can also be interpreted as a symbol to showcase the futility of war.

Exactly what is it that we fight for? Why do we use weapons and who benefits from them?


The music video presents chaos but an organized one. The kids know what they are doing and Harry is their leader. His smirk makes it pretty evident.

Harry, in an interview, said that the song started out as a joke which justifies the humorous plot we witness in the video but the singer through symbolism gave fans a lot of important messages in his work, equality being the most important one.

That’s just one of the many ways we here at CelebMix saw the music video. If we discussed every interpretation we’d be here all day. So let us know, what do you think about the music video? Share your thoughts via tweets @CelebMix.

Written by Ayushi

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