CelebMix Interview: ARIA explores the disadvantages of people in her debut single, “Am I Next?”

ARIA is constantly working and advocating for minorities and is using her platform to motivate, educate, and bring awareness to important issues. “My main goal is to inspire others and show them you can live your dreams without changing yourself,” ARIA tells CelebMix.

In fact, ARIA is truly taking advantage of this time under the current climate at home. “I am working on music right now. I am currently working on an album to release in 2021,” she continues, “I am also making content for my social media accounts so I can stay active with my followers.”

‘Am I Next?’ is ARIA’s debut single, and it is about her fear of not being able to do simple things just because of the color of her skin. It is about ARIA speaking out against police brutality and her genuine emotions about the state of the world right now.

“Initially I wrote the song out of fear and sadness,” ARIA reveals on the initial creative process of her single. “It was about what was happening in the world and it saddened me.” The deeper into the recording process ARIA got, the more the song became a call to action. “I was ready to take action and help stop police brutality influenced by racism,” ARIA continues in our chat. “Also, by the time I released the song, there were even more cases all around the world that the song applied to, like the “End SARS” movement in Nigeria.” The official ‘Am I Next?’ music video (above) included protest shots from all over the world to bring awareness to the fact that it’s not just happening in the United States.

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It took ARIA a little less than a day to write the song, so the writing process was just ARIA pouring her heart out on the page. Once ARIA started recording, she noticed certain parts of the song didn’t fit with others. “It felt like several different songs put together,” ARIA continues on the creative process. From there ARIA took parts out, added some, and did a lot of tweaking. The creative process for her is normally short, but editing is longer.

“All of my songs are influenced by my life,” ARIA tells CelebMix. “I really want to show authenticity through my music.” ‘Am I Next?’ was a culmination of ARIA’s thoughts and questions after hearing about various people of color dying at the hands of police.

“I am currently working on my debut album and I am continuing to make content for my social media platforms,” ARIA concludes.

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