CelebMix Introducing: ag.

Here at CelebMix, we love introducing our readers to new, up and coming talent. We now introduce you to Leeds-based duo ag. – comprising of members Ross Quinn and Andrew Goddard.

The duo came together following successful solo production and DJ careers, giving them the opportunity to perform at venues around the world. ag. perform artful electronic music and also bring a unique energy when performing. Since their formation, they have gone from strength to strength and their debut single, titled ‘Warped Minds,’ was released earlier this year and can be bought on iTunes here.

They recently performed their first headline show as ag. at London’s Camden Assembly and have recently announced the release of their debut EP, along with the release of a music video for their track ‘All Falls Down,’ which is an extremely emotional track, with captivating lyrics, but also has an up-tempo beat.

Speaking about the music video, the duo explained that they ‘wanted to put across the emotion, which our lyrics portray.’ They further went on to explain that the music video for ‘All Falls Down’, directed by Tom Pallant, ‘transpires the strain of wanting to make something work, but your other half keeps running away from acknowledging the problems.’

Their debut EP is scheduled for release on September 2018 and will be titled ‘Servia,’ released through Ont’ Sofa Records. Speaking about the EP, the duo said:

“The ‘Servia’ EP is our first record which we haven’t tried to direct towards any specific genre. We sat down together as solo artists and decided to move away from the music we were making before. We were producing music to please others and not necessarily creating anything that represented us fully. Our debut EP consists of different sounds and textures taking inspiration from both live and electronica.”

Here at CelebMix, we had an opportunity to exclusively speak with ag. about their musical influences, how their debut headline show went and their plans for the future music-wise. Keep reading to check out our exclusive interview!

Firstly, how did you two guys meet?

‘We met at University in London. We crossed paths in the DJ Room, which you could rent out. We didn’t know each other, but liked the tunes we were both playing and ending up jamming for a couple of hours.’ 

How did you decide on a collective music sound? Was it a difficult decision?

‘If anything, it was the easiest thing we’ve done. We didn’t want to make anything genre-specific, like we did in the past. We wanted to create something that represented us and that’s when ag. was formed. Making music for the fun and seeing what happens!’ 

Who are your musical influences?

‘We’re quite different as individuals when it comes to influences, but that’s why our music is so different! At the moment we’re really feeling Maribou State, Bonobo and Four Tet – all these artists are doing something different, which we also share a passion for. We’ve also been really into the sound of Aquilo, Jordan Rakei and London Grammar. The UK music scene is so promising at the moment, thriving with talent!’ 

You recently played a show at London’s Camden Assembly. How did it feel to perform your own original music?

‘It felt bloody fantastic! We made all this music in a small Student Room in Leeds, so to play it to a crowd in London and get such an amazing response was very surreal. It was also a great opportunity to showcase all our work to both our families. We were so used to DJ’ing clubs, which wasn’t really a scene for our parents, so to share this with our loved ones was amazing!’ 

What do you have planned music wise for the remainder of this year/next year?

‘We’ve just released two singles and have our debut six-track EP coming out 28 September. We’ve already made a start on our second EP, which will be out at the end of the year. We also have a lot of Acoustic Sessions planned to strip back some of our tracks, as well as a lot of DJ mixes in some quirky locations (we’ll be revealing more on this soon)! At the end of the day, it’s all about having fun for us and we’re really enjoying sharing our music with everyone!’

You can pre-order the ‘Servia’ EP on iTunes by clicking here.

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Written by Rachel Dempster