CelebMix Meets OMGossip Host Jeremy Hassell

For the past 6 weeks CelebMix has joined to chat celebrity news, gossip and more. We are loving being on the show and want you to join us! We got the chance to chat with host of Jeremy Hassell to talk about OMGossip awkward moments, guests and more.


Tell us a little bit about yourself, who is Jeremy Hassell?

I love apples, bubble tea, running on the treadmill and chocolate chip cookies. My first interview was with Madonna! I was born in Houston, Texas in the United States, grew up in New Jersey, went to college at the University of Hartford in Connecticut, studied for a bit at Richmond University in South Kensington and now live in NYC.

If you hang with me for 24 hours I am sure you will have a story to tell! I host TV shows, events, podcasts & produce content as well. I have always been curious about what makes people tick so I am lucky enough to make a career out of asking questions.

What is OMGossip, for our readers who don’t know? is the only place on the planet where celebrity, hot topics and you can actually intermingle LIVE! We created OMGossip at the video call center to create a place for everyday people’s opinions to actually be heard. We started off with just friends test video skyping in to see if the program and hi quality streaming technology would work with an audience and now a few months later we have Celebrities, TV hosts, bloggers, comics, doctors ,fans and people from around the world join us every Wednesday live at 9PM EST to talk trending hot topics!

The show is growing each week and the production team is top notch! From our producers to screeners, everyone works really hard to make sure each show is better then the next. We have new segments and content coming up that is gonna knock your socks off! We are getting more requests each week from publicists and celebrities themselves to be a part of our show because there has never been such a dynamic way of conversation within the world of entertainment. So much so that a few major networks have reached out about doing a hybrid with TV, so we will see what the future holds!

I have been lucky enough to interview hundreds of celebrities in my career and also interview regular people. I found that celebrities are interesting but average people sometimes had some really incredible insights.  So, I have always had a a dream to create a program that could take the celebrities, experts and fans together and put us in a room to talk to see what would happen… And the result is AWESOME! This is why you, yes YOU reading this interview should watch and Join us LIVE at!

How long have you been a host?

I have been hosting TV and online shows professionally for the last 12 years, I got my start hosting a daily show for a music network called FUSE and then got my own show on MTV2. During this time I had a great conversation with Nick Cannon that changed my life because he told me to start producing. I started my own insiders celebrity web series with some production people I met over the years, then I became  a celebrity lifestyle reporter for WCBS news. I worked for a bunch of networks hosting programs for E!, AOL, VH-1,  Arise and a bunch of others. Then I got the opportunity of a lifetime to work with Ryan Seacrest & Mark Cuban as a Host & Producer for a network called AxsLive. I learned so many skills during that project that have enabled me to help make so unique.

How long have you been hosting OMGossip and how long has OMGossip been running?

6 months


Where did the idea for OMGossip come from?

The production team for TalkCenterAmerica at the Video Call Center had the concept for the show with everyday folks getting a chance to be heard and I used my connections and insights to bring in the celebrity world to our party!

I just want to take a moment to really thank the team at Talk Center America for bringing me in and working so hard each week. I also wanted to talk about how incredible the technology is that our Ceo & Founder Thomas Wolzien created. I have worked in live television and radio with a lot of broadcast equipment but I have never used a host console and software that was so intuitive and easy to use that can stream in HD so eloquently.  The system they have created and continue to update will become the industry standard soon, I am just lucky enough to use it each week to bring you all a super hi quality LIVE experience like no other! No one else can have multiple video callers from around the world LIVE interact with each other at the quality and speed that we get to use each week!

Name one awkward moment to happen to you on OMGossip.

Where do I begin…. I get thrown off every show because we are LIVE with no script so when I ask either a celebrity or regular person a question ANYTHING can happen!  From guests hitting on other guests to wild opinions and views, it all happens here live!

No real crazy awkward moments yet but more surprises then anything, such as a video caller asking Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham how she is gonna handle backlash or artist Wyclef Jean pulling out his guitar & giving us a free concert to having guests asking The Real Housewives of New York City Dorinda out to drinks … Each Show is an adventure!

Name one awkward moment that you witnessed on OMGossip.

Tune in weds at 9pm est to and you will see one!

What is the most challenging thing about being a host for an online chat show?

Making sure that all my video callers get a chance to be heard. I wish the show was 2 hours so we can all get to say what is on our minds. We have been getting so many callers each show that our lines get jammed and not everyone can get threw to make it to the show , which is GOOD problem  but I wish everyone could be on at the same time ,we are working on some back-end projects around this so stay tuned ….

Another hard part for me is trying to get to all the trending topics during our show , because once we get going all the guests bring such an interesting perspective from advice to jokes that I want to keep going to see where else we can take the topic….. But then my producer tells me “10 mins left” and I still have 4 more topics to get through, ahhhhh!  So we are looking into continuing the trending celebrity topics online after the show with more segments so get ready.

What’s the best thing about being the host for an online chat show?

Getting the chance to put all these people from different walks of life in one place for a short period of time to get feel of what the world view is of the current celebrity hot topics.

I am so thrilled to be able to ask YOU what you think and Why it’s important. It is also cool to have all the power of the universe while I sit in the host console … It is similar to how the Khaleesi feels while she rides her dragons or Justin Bieber at one of his concerts, or how Kanye West feels when he looks in the mirror!

Who is your favourite guest on OMGossip?

I don’t have one favourite because each caller brings something special. I will know we made it when one super celebrity video calls in…. And she will be my favorite guest… No it’s not Taylor … Not Beyoncé… The one and only Oprah will be my favorite guest!

Name one most memorable moment on OMGossip.

We have one each show from Josh Mcbride video calling in while at dinner with Candace Cameron Bure from The View & Full house to recording artists & Grammy winning Bridget Kelly giving advice to The Voice country star Mary Sarah to hosts from people magazine to WetPaint breaking celebrity news on the show! Each LIVE show is awesome, don’t miss out ! And if you do miss the live shows we post up the episode on the website the next day so you can all watch.

Who are your regular guests on OMGossip? 

We have a lot of regular guests each week but there is nothing better then seeing Beth Smith at CelebMix talking with a USA celebrity or reality star that is super famous in the United States but not in the UK and I ask Beth, LIVE, if she has any questions and Beth admits to not knowing them! But you are a true journalist Beth and ask them questions that start a new fun topic! Good times!

When can you watch OMGossip and where? 

Watch us LIVE every Wednesday at 8PM CST/9PM EST/2AM UK at and we put up the entire show the next day at so if you miss it you can always catch up!

For more info on guests , topics, and more follow us on Instagram and twitter @omgossipTCA

For the behind the scenes party my Snapchat is Jeremy_Hassell, Instagram  & twitter @Jeremy_Hassell 

Jeremy’s cab photo by @KRISTENBLUSH


If you’re not sure what you’ve been missing, check out our the video below with Wyclef Jean, our very own writer Beth and fabulous host Jeremy.


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