Celebmix Music Interview: Alex Sparrow

We have the perfect song for you to listen to right now when you’re feeling down and out. Check out Alex Sparrow’s single “Hello Angel,” a heartwarming message and video, too. Whenever you feel alone, just know you’re not. That’s exactly what got Alex through this song. More on that below. Alex isn’t new to the spotlight. He broke out winning the Russian version of X Factor, signed onto Universal Music Russia, and now starring as the “bad boy ballet dancer “contestant in the Lifetime TV series UnReal. Read on below for our interview with this impressive talent.

Congrats on your latest single “Hello Angel”! It’s absolutely so cute, it melted my heart. The words go great with the video so I wanted to ask, how did the idea of the music video come along?
When I was a kid my parents told me that I shouldn’t be afraid of anything or anyone because we all have guardian angels, and my guardian angel is always watching me. But since I was a kid, many things have changed, and bullying in schools and on the street became a big problem. Children should never be afraid to go to school or walk down the street, having a constant fear of being exposed to bullying. So I thought – what if this guardian angel, as my mom told me, would really always be with me and could protect? And I wrote a song in which I am turning to my guardian angel, because each one of us sometimes needs support, and hopes to be heard.

As for the song, how did this song come to be? What were you inspired by to create this song?
Funnily, the first time in my life I wrote a script for this music video before the song, and only then took a guitar and this song happened. Sometimes I’m talking to my guardian angel when I need help or when I have a fear of something, or when I’m on the airplane and it’s about to take off. There are so many times in my life I was talking to my guardian angel! I think since I was born my guardian angel didn’t have a single day off as I was always pretty crazy, so he had to protect me almost every minute. It never changed since – nowadays I’m doing myself all my stunts in the movies, jumping backflips from the stage while I’m performing, and riding a motorcycle in LA, so my guardian angel doesn’t even have time for a coffee break.

So I went into the studio and said “Hello, Angel,” like I said a thousand times before during my life, but this time I took a guitar and decided to record this conversation. But of course, any conversation is not real if you don’t get an answer. So I divided this song into 2 parts: in the verse, I am talking to my guardian angel, and in the chorus, it’s my angel talking back to me.

When songwriting, where do you personally draw your inspiration from? If you’re ever stuck in a writer’s block, how do you get out of it?
I can’t tell where I am getting an inspiration from, as I am not looking for it. I’ve played music since I was 4, so to write is as natural for me as to walk or to breathe. Music is like the women of my life, it’s pure and real love. You don’t need additional inspiration when you are in love. I am very fast in writing as I am truly enjoying every moment of it. And since I do not want to have anyone in between me and my love, I not only write but also produce and arrange everything myself, so I don’t need anyone present while the song is born. It’s great when you don’t have to explain how you hear this, you can just do it yourself.

What is the future of your music looking like? Are you currently working on any future album or mini-tours?
Yes, I am finishing my first American album and I’m planning to do a little 12 concert tour at the end of this year.

Your life has been quite a whirlwind, so it seems! From X Factor to acting! How do you go about balancing the two career paths while making sure you dedicate time for both?
The fact that I have to switch from one profession to another one is making my life very interesting. I never feel bored. I used to be torn apart between acting directing and writing music until I learned how to combine all of it together. Now I write scripts and direct my own music videos and make music for the films where I play as an actor. Music is a place where I can be myself. Whereas acting, I portray other people, not necessary even similar to me.

Welcome to Los Angeles, by the way! How has your life changed since moving here all the way from Russia? What’s something you miss the most?
Since I was 17 I was traveling the world singing dancing acting and stuff. I was doing it in different places, cities, countries, and my home was where my work is. But when I moved to Los Angeles, I realized that I finally found a place where I don’t want just to work but want to stay.

Now that you’re in the city where dreams are made of, what do you hope to accomplish? What are some of your biggest career bucket list goals?
My biggest goal is not just to get a Grammy, Oscar and other trophies, but also to prove to millions of people that they should not be afraid of being dreamers. I want to prove that even coming where I come from, even been born in poor family, and surviving a stroke when half of your body was paralyzed, it does not mean that you cannot become someone you wanna be. There are no limits in this life if you have a dream and you believe in yourself.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.


Written by Ashley Bulayo

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