Celebmix Music Interview: You’re F!red

American based pop/rock band You’re F!red have just released there new single ‘Forgetmenow’ in the lead up to there debut album in 2019. Celebmix talked to You’re F!red about there new music upcoming plans and inspirations.

Your new song ‘Forgetmenow’ has just been released. What can you tell us about this track?

Forgetmenow is an illustrative and dark pop/rock song that has heavy guitar tones, both gritty and light synths, and a wide range of vocals. It tells the tale of a man who is framed for murder, is unable to prove his innocence, and eventually ends up in prison. Originally Joe wrote the instrumentals over three years ago, and it’s just sat on the back burner because he couldn’t find a way to make it sound the way he wanted. I had always loved the track, and after so much time I just wrote all the melodies and harmonies, and fit the lyrics to it. I always wanted to make a song like Billy Joel or Toby Keith where they can tell a story with such ease, this one just has a different kind of flare to it.

You’re currently recording your debut album for release in 2019, how is that going?

We’re just starting the recording of the rest of the record now, the album is pretty much done being written. We self-produce our tracks, and my computer likes to be an incredible pain, so it can get a little tricky. It’s incredibly worth it in the end though, because we can get everything to sound exactly the way we want it to.

Where do you feel your music fits in the current music scene?
Oh man, that’s super tough. I’m horrible at labeling our music honestly. On a wider scale, I’d like to look at us fitting in with most indie rock/pop bands, like The Dear Hunter or The Neighbourhood. I take huge influences from those guys. But really, we try to touch bases on a lot of different styles so I feel it’s a bit more diversified.

Who are your inspirations in music?

Like I said above, I really dig The Dear Hunter and The Neighbourhood. Between Joe and myself, it really goes all over. Billy Joel, Eagles, Muse, Pierce The Veil, The Black Dahlia Murder, Max Martin, the list could go on forever. I’d also be a fool to not say that mid-career Panic! had some spot in there.

Who would your dream collaboration be?

Jeez, that’s a loaded question. Josh Ramsay would definitely be a person I’d dream of collaborating with though. As a songwriter, producer, and vocalist, he has little people who can hold on his tier.

Do you have any music related goals you’d like to achieve?

Touring of any kind really. We always have so much fun on stage, it would be great to take it anywhere possible. There are very little things on this planet that give me as much joy as singing the songs we wrote on stage with the people we love. Maybe chocolate milk though, that is guaranteed joy in liquid form.

If someone who hasn’t heard of you before is reading this what would you want them to know about your band?

I would want them to know that what we do is genuine. No appealing to the crowd, not just writing songs to market ourselves. Bands like The 1975 and newer Panic! have just turned into something that will make money, without any emotional content. That’s not what we’re about. Doing the work in what you believe in is what will last forever.

Can you tell us about any more plans you have at the moment?

Our main focuses are filming a music video for Forgetmenow, finishing this record as soon as we can, and playing shows locally as much as we can as well. After that, hopefully, we can have a small run of shows in promotion for the new record, and anything else that comes our way will just be added into the mix.

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Written by Charlotte Freeman-Coates

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