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CelebMix speaks to Niki & Sammy at HelloWorld

Over the weekend, the first ever HelloWorld was held at Birmingham’s Genting Arena. Full of your favourite creators, the weekend brought YouTube’s finest content to life through live performances, signings and various stages featuring gaming, baking, books and more.

Two of the many creators present were twins Niki & Sammy Albon. Whether you know them as YouTubers, presenters or K-Pop fanboys, these two are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face with their fun, relatable content.

You may have caught our Q&A with Niki & Sammy last week, however, we also had the opportunity to speak with them during HelloWorld on Saturday. Read on to find out more about their time at HelloWorld, their K-Pop recommendations, and their personal highlight from 2017.

On why they love HelloWorld and their involvement in the show

Niki: I just love events like this because we get to meet the viewers who are a number on our screen most of the time, it’s great to put a face to that number.

Sammy: I think it’s also nice to give back because this event is more than just lining up to meet someone, which I think the viewer doesn’t enjoy and we don’t enjoy as much. The live show tonight, we’re involved in a really cool segment with Rose & Rosie which gets us going into the audience. I don’t know how they got the long straw and stayed on stage but we’re running like a mile but we’re really excited for every element of it

N: The VIP ticket holders could come in sooner and meet some of their favourite YouTubers, and we hosted the Q&A on stage with Louise [Pentland], Marcus [Butler] etc. That was fun cos it was us going into the audience to get questions, and also doing some hosting which is what we want to do in the long run. We’d love to do more of that! We also did a meet and greet.

S: That was in the BookWorld and we signed posters and gave them out to our viewers which was nice as well, it was only an hour but it went so fast. For us, there is that element of meeting the viewers in a meet and greet structure but it’s not about that, it’s about the whole event which is great. We’re hoping to get on the floor and just chat to people that way. That’s the best way of doing things.

On agreeing on content

N: We’re pretty much in sync I think.

S: I think we like the same things such as comedy and lifestyle and stuff. What we like, we make, and as we like the same thing it’s quite easy for us.

N: There are a few arguments sometimes over…

S: Every time.

N: Pretty much every time, an argument to get the video idea down. We have an argument every time but at the end we’re happy with the content so that’s fine.

On which K-POP artists we should listen to (apart from BTS!)

N: You have to listen to GOT7.

S: They’re actually making waves at the moment, they’re following in BTS’ tracks. They’ve just won a MAMA Award, a big music awards in Asia.

N: Also you should check out KARD, they’re really cool because they’re a boy girl group which is kind of rare. 

S: You’ve got BLACKPINK, EXO obviously is a big name, Big Bang, different generations of K-POP.

N: BTS though…Suga Boy! [The excitement at this point was very very real!] Ask the readers who their biases are!

On their personal highlight of 2017

N: The highlight was definitely the canoe marathon [for Stand Up To Cancer]. Any work we do with Stand Up To Cancer is always very close to our heart and the whole team just put all their energy into doing it.

S: Also it’s very emotional in the sense that the people we were rowing with had faced life threatening diseases and come out on the other side. That in itself is inspiring. On the day that we did it, we did the longest day and it was 28 miles and they were doing 20-30 miles a day. The lovely guy, David, that I was rowing with had testicular cancer. He had the all clear but it was really important for him to share his message because men don’t talk about their health and they don’t talk about cancer.

N: The lady I was rowing with, Helen, was just in her thirties. She suffered from breast cancer, and at such a young age the awareness needs to be there. Cancer doesn’t choose its victims by age, gender, etc. 

S: It’s non-discriminatory.

N: It doesn’t discriminate, it just goes for you.

As requested by Niki & Sammy, who are your BTS/K-Pop biases? Were you at HelloWorld? Let us know on Twitter @CelebMix and keep an eye out for more exclusives from your fave YouTubers.

Written by Katrina Rees

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