CelebMix ranks every McFly song EVER: 20-1

From the time-old classics to underrated releases, CelebMix ranks every original McFly song to be released.

Whilst 2020 has been a testing year for all, the return of McFly has been a silver lining for fans across the globe. Kicking off 2020 with the release of The Lost Songs, the group have now announced an upcoming studio album, Young Dumb Thrills, set for release this November with lead-single ‘Happiness’ out now.

To celebrate the band’s comeback, CelebMix trawls through their history to rank every McFly track to be released. We love them all, so it’s been a tricky task! We’re on the final straight now and there’s still one question to be answered, what is the ultimate McFly song? Let’s find out…

20. That’s The Truth

Anthemic and authentically McFly. A single that didn’t quite get the promotion it deserved as Dougie entered rehab in 2011. Well deserved top 20 entry.

19. Room on the 3rd Floor

The title track from McFly’s debut 2004 record, ‘Room on the 3rd Floor’ holds a special place in any fan’s heart. Also a Top 5 UK singles chart entry.

18. POV

A break-up banger which sees delicate verses crescendo into the thumping chorus that make radio:ACTIVE so special, ‘POV’ really is up there with the best McFly have ever managed.

17. Obviously

An obvious inclusion in the Top 20, the Number 1 single saw the band become love-sick puppies back in 2004. You won’t find a fan who doesn’t know the lyrics to this one.

16. No Worries

There’s something about ‘No Worries’ that is dripping in nostalgia. A knockout melody which sees Danny’s vocals shine.

15. The Last Song

“This is the end, but baby don’t you cry,” Jones sings on ‘The Last Song’. Included in the top 15 thanks to its euphoric presence in the live set.

14. Sorry’s Not Good Enough

Criminally underrated by McFly fans, ‘Sorry’s Not Good Enough’ is a bit of a grower but is nothing short of exceptional in its structure.

13. Touch The Rain

The highest-ranking track off The Lost Songs, ‘Touch The Rain’ stands head and shoulders above the rest. It shares a vibe with ‘Shine a Light’ and is one of McFly’s best moments, not just of the last few years, but potentially ever.

12. Lies

Unlucky not to do even better with THAT music video. Arguably the most startling track off radio:ACTIVE which highlighted the band’s dramatic change in sound.

11. Ultraviolet

One of the top 3 tracks from Wonderland, ‘Ultraviolet’ boasts a swinging chorus and its 2008 music video brings back many great memories from the 2005 Wonderland tour.

10. Shine A Light

Perhaps the purest take on pop to ever come from McFly – no-one saw a Taio Cruz collaboration coming! – but ‘Shine A Light’ is an exceptional flick that deserved even more than its Top 5 chart placing. A recent quarantine re-creation with Niall Horan, Olly Murs and James Arthur served as a reminder of just how good ‘Shine A Light’ is.

9. One For The Radio

A track jam-packed with iconic lyrics, its rattling instrumentals soundtrack a rallying call for McFly fans. Ironically, given its detailing of the band’s pressure to meet critical acceptance, ‘One For The Radio’ was the group’s first track to be A-listed on radio since ‘Five Colours In Her Hair’.

8. I’ll Be OK

The lead single from Wonderland, another Number 1 and a real pick-me-up. The track’s comical music video is full of laughs but echoes the sentiment of, “a positive message, by saying that you should always reassure yourself, even when things do go wrong,” as Fletcher shares.

7. Falling In Love

One of the band’s most simplistic efforts, ‘Falling in Love’ goes round and round a base set of chords but is nonetheless McFly at their most endearing. Especially loved by fans in Brazil, there’s glory in simplicity here.

6. Silence Is A Scary Sound

If you know, you know. ‘Silence Is A Scary Sound’ is a track first penned by Dougie and hidden on Motion In The Ocean at the end of the ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ cover. Poynter doesn’t take lead vocals often, but when he does it’s a rip-roaring affair. This track is somewhat of a McFly fan secret and that goes a long way to making it so iconic.

5. Transylvania

The other most notable effort where Dougie steals the show, ‘Transylvania’ gets a deserved place in the top 5. In many ways, the track feels like some sort of bizarre Horrible Histories lesson as it name-checks Anne Boleyn, but if anything it’s that quirkiness combined with sizzling instrumentals that make it so brilliant.

4. Too Close For Comfort

Wonderland at its best and a show-stealer when performed live. When McFly fans think of Tom Fletcher, his presence on this song should be at the top of their thoughts.

3. Corrupted

Getting to the crème de la crème of the McFly discography now, ‘Corrupted’ is the highest entry off radio:ACTIVE. Everything that fans love about that album from the dramatic change in sound to huge choruses and a fantastic live show, ‘Corrupted’ has in abundance.

2. Star Girl 

Only McFly could pull of a song like ‘Star Girl’. Another Number 1 single which was first inspired by one of Fletcher’s dreams, the track would go on to be used to wake up astronauts on the space station, performed alongside the Jonas Brothers and be played every Friday by Chris Moyles on BBC Radio 1. Where other iconic songs have grown a little worse for wear due to their notoriety, ‘Star Girl’ is a timeless effort which we will never get enough of.

1. The Heart Never Lies

Of course. McFly are a band that have proved themselves to be jacks of all trades but their true brilliance comes to the forefront on ‘The Heart Never Lies’. A track simplistic in its production, its beauty comes in the emotion and lyrics. “Another year over, but we’re still together, it’s not always easy, but I’m here forever” the band sing. In 2020, a whopping 17 years after formation, as the band hurtle towards yet another studio album – that’s a line they’ve never gone back on and long may that continue.

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Written by Toby Bryant

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