CelebMix ranks every McFly song EVER: 40-21

From the time-old classics to underrated releases, CelebMix ranks every original McFly song to be released.

Whilst 2020 has been a testing year for all, the return of McFly has been a silver lining for fans across the globe. Kicking off 2020 with the release of The Lost Songs, the group have now announced an upcoming studio album, Young Dumb Thrills, set for release this November with lead-single ‘Happiness’ out now.

To celebrate the band’s comeback, CelebMix trawls through their history to rank every McFly track to be released. We love them all, so it’s been a tricky task! We’re getting to the business end now as the songs are getting better and better… today we delve into numbers 40-21. Be sure to check back tomorrow for the next instalment.

40. We Were Only Kids

On ‘We Were Only Kids’, released on The Lost Songs in 2020, McFly think bank on their time as a band in a heart-warming effort which brings back many happy memories for fans.

39. Broccoli

Some may say it’s too silly to make the top 40, but the wet-behind-the-ears dating story of ‘Broccoli’ is oh so endearing.

38. Love Is On The Radio

A strange era of singles that didn’t materialise into a full project. Nonetheless, ‘Love Is On The Radio’ is a feel-good ditty that also offers a McBusted remix.

37. Love Is Easy

Another track from that era, there’s little to separate ‘Love Is Easy’ and ‘Love Is On The Radio’. There’s something a bit neater about this one.

36. Down Goes Another One 

A song off radio:ACTIVE that doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. ‘Down Goes Another One’ is a heavy-hitting tour de force.

35. Everybody Knows 

The iconic opening chords of ‘Everybody Knows’ give way to a swinging chorus that is even better live.

34. Memory Lane

Wonderland track that would then go on to become the title of their greatest hits album, ‘Memory Lane’ is a flick that has punctuated the band’s career over the years.

33. Unsaid Things

Another early release that would make an appearance further down the band’s career, Unsaid Things… Our Story was the title of the McFly biography penned by Fletcher. Also one of Room on the 3rd Floor’s best moment.

32. That Girl

Huge track and fan-favourite that is unlucky not to go higher but doesn’t quite stand up to the band’s later efforts. 

31. She Falls Asleep – Part 2 

An extra worldly orchestral experience that embodies the concept and sentiment of Wonderland perfectly.

30. Nothing

It’s hard to describe what exactly makes ‘Nothing’ so convincing. It’s punchy and singable and will never grow old.

29. I’ve Got You

A run of three back-to-back tracks from Wonderland finishes with ‘I’ve Got You’. A song that has fostered McFly friendships and brought the band and fans closer together.

28. Walk In The Sun

It’s not too often that McFly strip it back to the extent of ‘Walk In The Sun’, but this tender moment on Motion in the Ocean is superb.

27. We Are The Young

The Motion in the Ocean opener is a nod to youth with a ‘carpe diem’ punch – one hell of a way to kick things off on a record.

26. All About You 

‘All About You’ not finishing higher may ruffle a few feathers. It’s one of, if not THE most famous McFly track and its recent reinvention for key workers brought a tear to many an eye. Nonetheless, as cute as it is and as many memories as it holds, the track wouldn’t be in as many fans’ top 20 as you may think.

25. Bubble Wrap

This is a special one. Somewhat of a McFly fan secret and untouched by many, ‘Bubble Wrap’ is a piano-led ballad and certified tear-jerker.

24. Little Joanna 

The McFly storytelling flair from Room on the 3rd Floor has evolved through Wonderland and is at its most potent by 2006 with ‘Little Joanna’ on Motion in the Ocean.

23. Just My Luck

A feature film starring Lindsay Lohan and soundtracked by McFly… it’s no surprise this track will never be forgotten. They love, we love it, everyone loves it.

22. Down By The Lake 

As soon as the “ahhs” and guitars kick in, you’re hooked onto ‘Down By The Lake’. This is what 2004 pop was all about.

21. Five Colours In Her Hair

The track that brought McFly onto the scene and is known by millions globally. As often happens with the top artists, pinnacle songs like ‘Five Colours in Her Hair’ can become out-of-favour by fans in preference for future material. ‘Five Colours’ will never not be fun, but just misses out on the top 20.

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Written by Toby Bryant

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