CelebMix ranks every McFly song EVER: 60-41

From the time-old classics to underrated releases, CelebMix ranks every original McFly song to be released.

Whilst 2020 has been a testing year for all, the return of McFly has been a silver lining for fans across the globe. Kicking off 2020 with the release of The Lost Songs, the group have now announced an upcoming studio album, Young Dumb Thrills, set for release this November with lead-single ‘Happiness’ out now.

To celebrate the band’s comeback, CelebMix trawls through their history to rank every McFly track to be released. We love them all, so it’s been a tricky task! After counting down numbers 85-61 yesterday, today we are onto 60-41. Be sure to check back tomorrow for the next instalment.

60. She Left Me

“Really? Yeah man, loads!”. ‘She Left Me’ kicks off the top 60 just for that iconic line and some trademark McFly storytelling. 

59. Dare You to Move

A real grower from The Lost Songs, ‘Dare You to Move’ was one of the record’s tracks that saw the most tinkering over the years, yet still boasts an effortless quality.

58. Break Me

Widely thought of as a sister song to ‘She Left Me’, the soaring instrumentals of ‘Break Me’ see it place two higher. Behind-the-scenes clips online of Tom singing in studio sessions can’t help but leave us wishing he joined Danny on the vocals for this one.

57. Cherry Cola

‘Cherry Cola’ isn’t going to be critically acclaimed anytime soon, but it’s full of fun and wildly catchy. Definitely worth the inclusion on Memory Lane (The Best of McFly).

56. Do Ya

You may expect ‘Do Ya’ to place higher on the countdown, but as we head towards the top 50 competition really hots up. A radio:ACTIVE classic.

55. Please, Please

A UK Number 1 for McFly, the track which name-checks Lindsay Lohan knocked Lily Allen’s ‘Smile’ off top spot in 2006. Perhaps could be higher, but hasn’t stood the test of time as well as other tracks.

54. I Wanna Hold You

A track that embodies the McFly growth from Room on the 3rd Floor to Wonderland, ‘I Wanna Hold You’ was actually re-purposed for the latter album from the first.

53. Ignorance

McFly go punk-pop on ‘Ignorance’ as Dougie takes a rare lead on vocals. Another track that was well worth seeing light on the best hits record.

52. Home Is Where The Heart Is

Motion In The Ocean could well be the band’s best effort when it comes to slower tracks. We’ll cross a few more before we hit number one.

51. Happiness

The band’s latest single is an infectious summer flick. Retro in its production yet an altogether new sound for McFly, we can’t wait to hear what the rest of Young Dumb Thrills holds.

50. Nowhere Left to Run

An acoustic-led track that still manages to pack a real punch, ‘Nowhere Left to Run’ is also the name of the mini-film shot by the band to accompany Above The Noise.

49. Smile

A heart-warming effort from radio:ACTIVE, ‘Smile’ is the perfect pick-me-up track.

48. Red

Fans went wild for this song when performed live across the years and its release on The Lost Songs was the most hotly anticipated of them all. This track was made for the live stage and is a wild ride in the band’s set.

47. Only The Strong Survive

Fans can’t get enough of the line, “loving you feels like a kick in the balls”, but there’s so much more to ‘Only The Strong Survive’ – a rip-roaring penultimate track on radio:ACTIVE.

46. Going Through The Motions

Not too dissimilar from ‘Only The Strong Survive’, ‘Going Through The Motions’ just ups the ante slightly more to go one place better.

45. Take Me There

A song that found a new way into fans’ hearts on the Anthology tour and an underrated effort off Above The Noise.

44. Surfer Babe 

There’s everything that made early 2000s McFly so endearing on ‘Surfer Babe’, a song you never get tired of.

43. The Ballad of Paul K

Another fan-favourite and it’s easy to see why. McFly at their lyrical best as the song tracks the band’s fathers coming to terms with life.

42. Foolish

This song being cut in half on the Anthology tour was almost criminal – one of Above The Noise’s best offerings.

41. Friday Night

The soundtrack to all McFly fans’ weekends in 2006, ‘Friday Night’ also appears in the film Night at the Museum.

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Written by Toby Bryant

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