CelebMix Talks: The Dedication of Fans

People often mistake dedication for obsession. This is especially true when it comes to teenage girls. People like to ridicule them for the kinds of music they listen to and the T.V. shows they watch. Fans often disregard the comments that are thrown at them and they continue on updating their social media about the people they love.

Some fandoms are so big that fans have thousands of followers on Twitter. These same fans create beautiful art or fan projects.

The 5 Seconds of Summer fandom has taken it upon themselves to create a fan project for almost all of the dates on the SLFL tour. Each project is different from the next. A project has already been made for Moline, Illinois which is a new date this year. Fans have organized a print out which will be held up during the song “Carry On.” The project has became so large that it has it’s own Twitter account with instructions.


If you can’t print out the handout, there are fans in your section that will have extra print outs. These fan projects have been meticulously thought out. They’ve gone over well in the past and they’ve gone over well for the first few tour dates.

The 1D fandom is even trying to write a song for One Direction. They are asking fans to send in verses they have written to their Twitter or email. They would like to put it all together and then record the song. The deadline to send in your ideas is March 25th, 2016.

Fans will stop at nothing to make sure that the whole fandom is united and can participate in projects.


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Written by CelebMix