CelebMix Talks Gymnastics and Hershey’s with Shannon Miller

Shannon Miller is an Olympic Champion, Hershey’s brand ambassador, Team USA legend, and a 16 time World Championship Winner.  Her name alone is inspiring to gymnasts everywhere and at the 2016 Olympic games in Rio she had nothing but positive things to say about the current gymnasts on Team USA.

Shannon also let us know about Hershey’s Hello from Home Campaign which is a way for friends, family members, and fans of Team USA to send messages of support, encouragement, confidence, and congratulations to their favorite athletes in the summer games.  You can send a shout to the people you look up to personally and let them know that while they’re chasing their dreams and going for gold, they’re making their home country very, very proud.

Shannon knows all about being away from home and winning championships and while the athletes have to focus and stay dedicated, they also thrive off of the knowledge that the country they represent has their back.  In Shannon’s Olympic winning history, she brought home 7 medals to Team USA and she is the most decorated gymnast in U.S history.

We got to talk to Shannon about the US Team this year, Hershey’s hand in the Olympic games, and what seeing all the red white and blue in the stands means to the competitors.

If you’ve been keeping up with Rio so far, you’ve noticed that, as Shannon anticipated, Team USA is taking the gymnastic part of the Olympic Games by storm, we’re sending them all of our support here at CelebMix.

Written by Ashley

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