CelebMix talks to Real Housewives’ Carole Radziwill

When it comes to fashion, no one knows it better than the women on The Real Housewives. They’re dressed to impress from head to toe day in and day out, and they execute their looks flawlessly. From classic button ups and jeans to floor length dresses, they’ve got style advice for anyone who needs it and one of the most well known, and best-dressed housewives goes by the name of Carole Radziwill.

As Carole explains, fashion goes beyond what we wear on our bodies, and we often forget that even eyewear gives us a new opportunity to be fashionable. We got to speak with Carole about how she accessorizes with her eyeglasses more so than her bags.

Carole says she changes her eyewear often so she loves having an array of choices to use to complete her outfit and, as you can see in the video, she does an incredible job. From plain to flashy and everything in between, there’s always a style that fits you best for any occasion. While Carole did say it’s best to have a lot of choices, there are also the basic ‘must haves’ as far as eyewear is concerned, and we love her choices for that look too.

If you’re looking for a way to style yourself this winter with some great eyewear for any occasion, watch the video with Carole and let us know which choices are your favorite.

Written by Ashley

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