CelebMix Thinks – Behind The Fame

“I never made a first impression ever again, its the strangest thing that you give up, you walk in a room and you can’t make a first impression, everyone already has an impression.”

When most people think of fame, they think of bright lights, success, privilege, and fortune.  They think of fast cars, fancy parties, endless opportunities for fun on a Friday night, and a sense of belonging amongst the elite.  When most people think of fame; they immediately think it correlates to happiness.

What most people don’t realize of fame, is that in most cases, it’s synonymous for loneliness.

In a world where there is seemingly no stopping, slowing  down, or room to feel disconnected; there exists more isolation than companionship and sometimes, what should only be a career ends up enveloping a person entirely.  In a run of the mill life, your job ends the moment you get home, your career may be a defining part of your life, but it doesn’t define you.

In the life of someone who has been touched by fame – their sense of normalcy ceases to exist the moment the spotlight first strikes them.  In the life of someone who has been touched by fame – it’s only a matter of time until they’re not famous anymore, and when the lights go off and the all encompassing life that existed before is no more – they’re left alone in an entirely different way.

It may seem easy enough to shrug off, to think perhaps the rich and famous should be less self indulgent, but the truth is – when you look into the eyes of a celebrity as they talk about what fame means, and what happens when it becomes you, it’s hard to feel anything but a heart wrenching emotion that makes you change your mind about it all.

Behind the glitz and the glamour exist the hearts of dreamers, people who gave it all up for a chance – and at the end of the day the heart of a dreamer is rare and full of compassion.  There is always enough room for more kindness, more respect, and when given a chance, you should always be nice.  Perhaps if we treated those we idolize the way we treat our best friends, the world would be a little better – for everyone.



Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.