CelebMix Trending Articles: Jan 3 – 10

Our team is always busy coming up with new ideas for articles, listicles, and opinion pieces on top of designing up fun quizzes and keeping interactive on twitter!  This allows us to be ready to provide you lovely lot with exciting news pieces and fun opinion pieces that we hope you’ll all love.  At any given time on our website you’ll notice the word ‘Tending’ towards the top right and you can see what’s popular right that moment, during the week, or for the month so far.

We decided at the end of every week we’d create a post of our trending articles with a short explanation of what they are – in case you missed the the first time or are dying to read them again and want to access them easily!

The trending articles for the first full week of January at CelebMix are as listed below!

3. The SacconeJolys Top 10 Videos of 2015

The SacconeJoly’s are an irish family who have been vlogging since 2010 and have shared some of their most intimate, important, and exciting stories with the world to see.  Their journey has taken them from Ireland to the UK and shown their wedding, pregnancy announcements, and even some moments with fellow vlogger Zoella.

2. Louis Tomlinson Fan Writes A Song for Her ‘Hero’

Louis Tomlinson has changed the lives of many people all around the world and some fans take to their personal passions to thank him for this.  Sandra, a Louis Tomlinson/One Direction fan did just that with a very lovely song called Hero.  Hero talks about how Louis is important to Sandra’s life, and in doing so, talked about how he’s important to the lives of other people too – so many people feel touched by Louis Tomlinson that it’s absolutely incredible to see.  Sandra’s song is a must hear for any One Direction fan!

1. 5 Artists Set to Make it Big in 2016

2015 was an incredible year for music, and it looks like the big movers of 2016 have already been laid out too.  We found 5 artists that are set to make their name in music during 2016 and compiled them all together for you to take a look, have a listen, and see if they’re on your own watch lists too!

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Written by Ashley

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