CelebMix Twitter Fandom Awards 2017 Winner: 5HUpdates – Best Fifth Harmony Fan Account

The winners for CelebMix Twitter Fandom Awards 2017 have been announced. Our Fandom Awards aims to acknowledge the efforts of people who spend their time updating fans about their favorite celebrities.

These fan accounts act as a mediator between the celebrities and their fans, helping them connect with each other through conversations, takeovers and fan projects.

For Fifth Harmony, @5HUpdates has won the award for the best Fan Account.

We had a chat with the owners of the account who told us about their journey and why they chose to make an update account for the girl group. Check out the interview below:

When did you start @5HUpdates?

We started 5HUpdates in late 2012.

What made you want to start an update/fan account?

We wanted to start the update account because we saw there wasn’t a lot of information readily available to fans like us, and we wanted to provide that for the entire fan base, as well as to show our support for the girls in a more professional way.

How long have you been online for?

Last December made it 4 years since the start of 5HUpdates.

Has being the owner/co-owner of @5HUpdates affected your life in any way?

Being owners of an update account affects our lives in so many positive ways. It takes a lot of dedication to be on the team, so we devote a lot of our time to keeping fans updated with the most recent information. We also have a very good family-like dynamic between members, and have met so many amazing people throughout working on updating.

What do you enjoy most about being a part of @5HUpdates?

I think our favorite part of working on 5HUpdates is being able to show our love for the girls in a way that helps other fans. We were once in a position of wanting information on Fifth Harmony, and now we get to provide that to people like us, and at the same time, help promote, vote, and just show all around support to the group.

What was your first reaction when you found out that your fans had nominated you to win a CelebMix Twitter Fandom Award?

I think it’s safe to say we were all very honoured and excited to see we were nominated for this category. It’s so heartwarming and rewarding to see that fans appreciate our hard work and dedication. It keeps us doing what we do.

What does being a fandom account updater/owner mean to you?

Being an update account means so much to us. It’s all about our support of Fifth Harmony. We get the opportunity to channel our love for them into something everyone benefits from. Fifth Harmony has changed our lives, and our hopes with the account are to show that through our updates and promotion.

Do you have anything to say to the who voted and nominated you for the awards?

To those who voted for us: we are eternally grateful for all of your support. We appreciate you all more than you will ever know. This is your way of giving back to us, and we recognize that. Thank you for everything you do.

You have been updating fans about Fifth Harmony for quite some time. What do you most love about the band?

What we love most about Fifth Harmony is their unconditional love for their fans and each other. It’s amazing to see such a diverse group of girls love and respect everyone, while promoting positive and inclusive messages. They are certainly role models and we see how hard they work. Our support for them will never fade.

We congratulate @5HUpdates for winning the award.

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