CelebMix Twitter Fandom Awards 2018 Winner: LouisPromoSquad– Best 1D Fan Account

Since voting wrapped up on the CelebMix Twitter Fandom Awards 2018, we’ve been interviewing all the winners to get an inside look at what it’s like to run a successful update account. We had the pleasure of chatting to Ire, Fede, Carley, Nat and Emily from @LouisPromoSquad on their huge win as Best One Direction Fan Account.

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1. When did you start @LouisPromoSquad and what compelled you to make an update account?

19 Feb 2017; we created LouisPromoSquad because our main purpose was and is to support Louis/his music and involve his fans in many projects/ways to promote him. We do all this for him.

2. How has owning an update account impacted your life?

It has a big impact because we have the opportunity to support our favourite artist on social media and share an account even if we live far away and we’ve never met! Its incredible how an artist can connect people who live on opposite sides of the world!

3. What does being an update account mean to you?

It means a lot. Thanks to this account we all became friends and we’re all very close and we all can’t wait to meet each other on Louis’ tour. We love to help and support him and we feel this is the best way.

4. What do you enjoy most about @LouisPromoSquad?

We love LPS because it brought us together as friends and gives us the opportunity to support Louis alongside other fans through projects!

5. Give us a quick break down on the daily life of being an update account? Do you have a day to day routine on where to get updates first or do you just update on whatever you see first?

We dont have a daily routine. Whoever is active at the moment something happens, posts an update, a tweet, shares a photo or does a voting party for when he’s involved in a competition! Its more that you have to say “this tweet can work so let’s post it and we will see”, but of course it doesn’t always go as well as we hope. We try our hardest though.

6. What do you love most about Louis?

We love his relationship with fans. He always puts them first, always thanks them for everything and he does everything for them. We love how he’s gained confidence throughout the years to let us appreciate his astounding talent and voice. He’s so incredibly humble about everything he does, and he always stays true to himself, he’s an inspiration. We love him so much and we’re all just very proud to have such an amazing idol like him!

7. When did you become a fan? How did you hear about One Direction/Louis?

We became fans at different times. One of us in 2010, three of us in 2011 and one in 2015. We mainly heard about him through X Factor and What Makes You Beautiful! As we followed him and the band through the years, we realised we wanted to show him the support he deserves.

8. Have you ever collaborated with other accounts? Do you like collaborating? Would you consider it if you haven’t?

Yeah we’ve collaborated with a few accounts recently to do some voting sprees for the iHeart Awards! In the past we’ve collaborated with some other accounts for projects and other stuff but it gets a bit difficult when there’s so many people with lots of different ideas. For now we prefer to focus on our projects and see if they will work out!

9. Was there ever a point down the road where you wanted to delete @LouisPromoSquad? If so, what made you want to keep the account instead of deleting it?

We’ve never thought about deleting the account because we worked hard to bring it to the place where it is now, but there was a time where we needed to take a break because people seem to be brave behind a screen and can be very rude and hurtful. But, we’re still here! So thats good!

10. What was your first reaction when you found out you had been nominated for a CelebMix Twitter Fandom Award, and what was your reaction when you found out you won?

Honestly, we didn’t even know people nominated us for this award and we got so shocked and surprised (in a good way) when we found out! We didn’t think we were going to win the award because lots of good accounts were in the same category as ours and when we saw that we won, we were really happy to know people voted for us and appreciated our work and effort!

11. Where do you see @LouisPromoSquad in the upcoming years? Do you think you’ll still be updating through your account?

To be honest we rarely talk about the future of our account. We just see how it works day by day but for sure we have lots of ideas and things to do to keep us up and running!

12. This is your official acceptance speech for the 2018 CelebMix Twitter Fandom Awards: do you have anything to say to the people who nominated and voted for you, to your loyal supporters, or to Louis himself?

Just wanna say thank you to everyone who voted for us and who has supported us since the beginning! We love you all and we are so grateful to support an amazing and talented artist like Louis. We owe it all to him.


Congratulations to @LouisPromoSquad for being crowned Best One Direction Fan Account and thank you to everyone who voted in the 2018 CelebMix Twitter Fandom Awards. 

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Written by Emily Gulla

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