CelebMix Valentine: Dodie

For some, Valentine’s Day is just another day on the calendar. Whilst for others, it’s a holiday they’d just like to pretend doesn’t exist at all. For those who believe in love and magic, however, it’s a day to make grand gestures in love and decorate with all things pink, red, and sparkly.

This year, we decided to join the Valentine’s Day festivities with our own CelebMix Valentines. We picked a few of our favorite celebrities, incorporated some cheesy pick-up lines, and decided to fond over how impeccable they are. We hope you enjoy them!

Dodie aka YouTube star doddleoddle is on of our Valentine’s this year!

Why do we love Dodie?

  1. She is always authentic – Dodie is widely known for her connection with fans and the credibility she portrays with that. Dodie, who has not been captured by stardom, allows fans to relate to her as though she is a friend and we love that she’s always ready to have a natter on twitter.
  2. Her personality – Down to Earth, kind and caring are just a few of the ways to describe her. Even through the tough times she is facing, Dodie never fails to make us smile. From her #dodieyellow quest, to her fantastic songs, her beautiful personality always shines through!
  3. Her individuality – Dodie is unlike most stereotypical ‘YouTubers’. With a focus on music and real life, her channel is one we find ourselves constantly drawn back to. She combines our first and second points to create authentic, individual songs straight from her heart.

Why not check out this adorable video from Dodie for Valentine’s Day last year!

Written by Enya Savage

20 year old literature student, lover of books and theatre!
Contact: @enya_savage on Instagram and Twitter