CelebMix1D Spotify: Throwback to the Up All Night Tour

It seems a lifetime ago that our favourite boyband hit the stage in matching outfits for the Up All Night Tour. While we’re incredibly happy with the evolution of 1D’s music since then, we would be lying if we said we don’t miss it sometimes, and we’re sure you do too. To cater to your needs, we made you a throwback playlist with almost the entire Up All Night Tour setlist. Yes, you read that right, almost. For some reason the glorious jam that is Na Na Na isn’t available on Spotify, so if you want to see that, you better watch the Up All Night Tour dvd. Which is worth a watch anyway, because seriously, those outfits.

What is your favourite track from Up All Night? And what’s your favourite cover that the boys did during the Up All Night Tour? Let us know over at @CelebMix1D and make sure to follow us on Spotify!

Written by CelebMix