CelebMix's Christmas Film Advent Day 200

CelebMix’s Christmas Film Advent Day 12

Do you believe in Santa Claus? This one little boy was told by his friends that Santa Claus did not exist and that night, he laid awake waiting to hear Santa’s sleigh but instead he heard a train. The conductor invites the boy into the train and they make a wonderful trip to the magical city at the North Pole.

The train takes many twists and turns before it makes it to the North Pole, the children all go through an epic adventure finding lost tickets, lost passengers and the conductor and even encountering a stranger who claims to be the king of the North Pole.

Starring Tom Hanks, Josh Hutcherson and many others, The Polar Express is a beautiful family movie that you can enjoy any time in the month of December. The Polar Express is known to be one of the most famous Christmas movies for young children. With the astonishing ending of the movie, and the amazing graphics, you will not be disappointed to watch this movie.

Written by CelebMix