CelebMix’s Christmas Film Advent – Day 14

If there’s a holiday movie that encompasses the wide range of true human emotion better than the rest – it’s The Holiday.  In this film, it’s easy to find yourself in any of the main characters as you go along with them through their journeys of heartbreak, self discovery, acceptance, and most importantly – love.


The Holiday follows the story of two women, both looking to escape their own type of despair and pain through the holiday season who decide to switch homes, cars, and basically lives through to get through Christmas – giving themselves a bit of a do-over without uprooting completely.  Both women are working through their own set of troubled circumstances but as you begin watching the film, you learn how similar their lives really are; and how the people close to them are dealing with troubles of their own.

Amanda Woods – played by Cameron Diaz and Iris Simpkins – played by Kate Winslet are easily relatable characters as they start to begin their time spent in lives they’re unfamiliar with.  They experience a bit of shock, followed by excitement, and then a sense of comfortability in their new environments as they begin to travel down roads similar to the ones they were trying to escape.  It poses the question – is the grass really greener on the other side?

Iris meets a lovely author and a music composer while Amanda meets a sweet widowed father, who just happens to be Iris’ brother.  These encounters bring love back to the hearts of Amanda and Iris in ways they didn’t know they were missing – both romantically and inspirationally.

Without giving too much away – the end of the film brings love, happiness, romance, and joy to two women who had sworn off it just months before – proving that when you’re not looking – you’re certain to find the best things in life.

So if you want a film to watch with a nice hot chocolate, a soft warm blanket, and some tissues for both sad and happy tears – this is sure to be the one for you!

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.