CelebMix’s Christmas Film Advent – Day 15

We are just ten days away from Christmas and here at CelebMix we need to mention one of the most funny, romantic and beautiful movies of this century.

Love Actually is a great classic to watch with family or on your own and even though this film wasn’t meant to be a Christmas movie it ended up being one of the most famous for the winter season. Keira Knightley, Liam Neelson, Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Thomas Sangster, Bill Nighty, Emma Thompson, Andrew Lincoln, Alan Rickman and some more are the main characters of this incredible Christmas piece.



Basically the plot is about how different couples and families live Christmas time. The movie shows an ordinary family with a hidden secret, a serious and responsible first minister falling in love, a bohemian heart broken writer finding his true love, a man with a heart which belongs to a married woman, a little kid who starts believing in love for the first time, a wild and free cheeky rock singer tired of having everything but nobody besides him… These and so much more stories are ready to be told and they’re waiting for you. Remember that comedy is a plus when it’s combined with the Christmas spirit and this film is full of that!

So, take your best home-made treats and have a nice afternoon laying on the sofa and relax because you can’t miss this movie and for those that are already fans of Love Actually just enjoy yourselves and try to compete with others family members to say out loud the best lines!

Written by CelebMix