Niall Horan
Credit: Christian Tierney

Celebrate Niall Horan’s birthday with a donation!

Sometimes, the best present you can receive for your birthday is a donation to support the charities which are the closest to your heart.

Niall Horan, turning 26 years old on the 13th of September, has set up a Just Giving page and asks us all to join him in raising not only money but also awareness for two of the most horrendous forces nature had to face during the last few weeks: Hurricane ‘Dorian’ and the fire at Amazon forest.

With hurricane ‘Dorian’ on the way, we all knew from the beginning, we all knew immediately: This could become the worst.
Sadly, all our fears came true, as ‘Dorian’ made its way towards the Bahamas, Puerto Rico and not only damaged a huge scale of the landscape but also cost too many people’s lives.

The amazon forest is our lungs. The lungs of this world are on fire and all we can do to prevent help is to donate to give the charities as many opportunities to help where it’s needed the most.

Niall wants us to spread the word and asked, if possible, for us to donate towards the American Red Cross and WWF and shared the Just Giving link via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Yes, it is Niall’s Birthday project, but it is so much more. The money will get to the places it is needed the most. It is our planet and we have to step up and help to save it now.

Which charity is closest to your heart?
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