Celebrating three years of 5 Seconds of Summer’s Sounds Good Feels Good

Today we are celebrating the three year anniversary of 5 Seconds of Summer’s sophomore album Sounds Good Feels Good (released on October 23, 2015).

Fans from all over the world have come together to have a listening party and stream the album throughout the day. Everyone is feeling sentimental and nostalgic today, especially the boys. They have been posting about what this album meant to them and even spoke about the stories behind each song from the album on their Instagram (@5SOS).


After three incredible years, it is evident that this album still plays a significant role in the lives of 5SOS and their fans. The vulnerability and raw emotions that the band has poured into this album has established such a unique bond between themselves and their fans. Their supporters deeply admire Sounds Good Feels Good because they can feel the passion, pain, and love that 5SOS has put into making it. They also recognize how much fun the boys had while writing the album and appreciate the authenticity of it all.

This album is a representation of where 5SOS were, mentally, at that time in their lives and is an example of how much they have grown since then. The songs in the album exhibit the different emotions and difficulties that come with transitioning from being a teenager to becoming a young adult. With upbeat songs like “Vapor” (that covers topics such as complicated love and relationships) to darker songs like “Invisible” and “Jet Black Heart” (that cover more sensitive topics such as depression and anxiety), 5SOS has shown a great amount of lyrical and musical versatility.

Sounds Good Feels Good is such an important piece in many people’s lives, as it was the start of the “new broken scene”- an era that 5SOS created to show their fans that they do not have to face their obstacles alone. This album has allowed 5SOS to open up to their fans about their issues and have given their fans an outlet to open up as well.

A bond that is rare to find between an artist and their fandom!

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Written by Sydney Rae