Celebrities Against Gambling

Like all rich and powerful folks, celebrities have a natural affinity towards gambling. Since they often earn a ridiculous amount of money, it is easy for them to blow thousands, or even millions away on a single wild night at a casino in Vegas or someplace like that.

Clooney is however making more from his extra mural activaties than acting

Naturally, there are plenty of celebs who have landed in hot water due to their indiscretions at the table or on the casino floors. Some of their experiences have been so harrowing that they have gone on to develop a healthy aversion to gambling.

Many of them even refrain from stepping foot in a Vegas casino ever again. Though you might find them playing free casino games at a no deposit online casino as that not really gambling with real money, is it?

There are countless stories online about celebs who love gambling. These broadly fall into two categories:

  • Celebs who are so good at gambling, they make piles of money
  • Those who suck at it and end up losing millions

Needless to say, it is the latter category which has more members from the celeb community in it! But what about those who dislike the thrills and risks involved in high stakes gambling? Surely, since there is plenty of regular folks who are against gambling on principle, there are bound to be a few among celebs as well, right?

How to spot celebs that are against gambling

It is not easy to dig up those names, mainly because it is not something that comes up in conversation. The only celebs who talk about casinos tend to be the ones who enjoy that lifestyle and get into the news because of it!

So how can we identify a celeb who does not like gambling? Well, look at their spending habits of course! If you don’t splurge in your daily life, there is a significant chance that you don’t like wagering on chance.

Celebs you will NOT see at a casino (probably)

Jay Leno

Talk show host, standup comedian, vintage car aficionado, there are many sides to Jay Leno. But gambling is not one of them. The iconic comedian has a regular show at the MGM-owned Mirage hotel and resort in Las Vegas.

But despite his frequent visits to Sin City, Jay Leno has a reputation for never indulging in gambling or even alcohol for that matter. His only weakness, (every man has one) is his craze for old cars and motorcycles. His collection contains nearly 300 vehicles which have been valued at a cool $50 million!

Other than this singular passion, Jay Leno lives an otherwise frugal life. Back in 1992, he hit the headlines when it became known that he did not spend a penny out of his $15 million annual salaries from NBC for his daily expenses, he depended on earnings from his standup career.

If someone is this frugal, he definitely is not in favor of gambling!

Zooey Deschanel

The New Girl star is the last person you would expect to see at a Casino, given her shockingly tight-fisted budgeting. Back in 2011, while going through a divorce with her then-husband Ben Gibbard, her spending habits became part of public record and became a tabloid sensation.

Her monthly spend back then was a measly $2000, with zero balance on her three credit cards. That is some achievement when you consider her long career in both movies and TV. Zooey has moved on to bigger and better things since then, with New Girl becoming such a hit and her marrying a second time.

She has two kids from her current marriage to producer Jacob Pechenik, and she also converted to Judaism. Given than religion’s stance against gambling, we can safely say that Zooey’s aversion to it is strong as ever!

Russell Crowe

Though born a New Zealander, Russell Crowe has lived most of his life in the gambling crazy nation of Australia. Despite that, he remains a very frugal person who hates spending too much of the millions he has earned over a movie career that spans three decades.

But that does not mean that he is tight-fisted like Scrooge. In fact, over the years, Crowe has given millions of dollars to various charitable causes. He also has a bit of a reputation as a generous tipper at bars and restaurants.

In his personal life, he remains a devoted family man living the life in Australia, on his ranch and other properties. His ride reflects the overall frugal personality as well – a humble old Jeep. So what is his vice then? If the controversies are anything to go by, it has to be wrath, for the old ‘Gladiator’ is known to have a fearsome temper!

Christian Bale

The Batman star is nothing like the millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne in his real life. A notable recluse, he likes to live his life away from the glare of spotlights when he is away from the camera.

Like Russell Crowe, Bale seems to be a happy family guy living the quiet life with his wife and two kids. His main interest seems to be in charities and foundations that work in the area of environmental protection and conservation.

With these attributes, Christian Bale does not sound like somebody who would enjoy a spot of gambling. The man would do well to stay away from Vegas, given the fact that he doesn’t even have a bodyguard, let alone a whole entourage!

Honorable Mention

This is a list of some celebs that would actually benefit a lot personally and financially if they actually stayed away from gambling! Ben Affleck would rank high on that list since rumors suggest that his gambling addiction not only cost him a fortune, but also a future with Jennifer Lopez! If that didn’t turn him against gambling, nothing else will!

Charles Barkley belongs to a long list of NBA and NFL players who have had a bit of a gambling problem. What makes him stand out is the sheer amount of cash he claims to have burnt at the table – sources often suggest a figure around $30 million.

Pamela Anderson paid the ultimate prize for racking up a six-figure gambling debt – she ended up marrying the guy she owed money to, Rick Salomon! She may not have lost even a fraction of what some other celebs have, but for this ordeal alone, she deserves her place in the list of celebs who should hate gambling!

Written by CelebMix