Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt in The Poker Lounge at The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada March 6, 2009. © RD / Kabik / Retna Digital ***EXCLUSIVE***

Celebrities caught in private gambling rooms

Celebrities are just average people who enjoy the same leisure activities as all of us. When they are totally free from working hard on filming their next blockbuster or recording a new hit, they go into extreme sports, and some are curling up with a good book at home. What is the extremely popular pastime among them? Visiting casinos and spending lots of cash there. You cannot imagine how much money they waste playing at the high-rollers’ tables.

Some celebs are trying to conceal their passion to casino games. That is why they prefer to stay in the comfort of their own homes. Those, who do not like being in the public eye, use many gambling sites, such as Casinority. What can be cooler than spending some hours playing casino games on your mobile? It is a rather cool way to pass the time.

Many world famous people are trying to protect their privacy and hide in private gambling rooms where nobody could see them. They thread their way into the buildings through back entrances, but paparazzi are following them all around. The photos of celebrities without make-up, spending time with their new lovers and so on are circulating the web. Casinos themselves welcome the attention that world famous guests bring. Many players who gather around the celeb table then inform the world about the event by posting a video on their social networking page. Now let us see who cannot help but visiting gambling establishments.

Ben Affleck is a hot casino gambler. He knows for sure what blackjack is. Back in 2004, the actor won the California State Poker Championship. It seems he does not mind the publicity that comes along with entering gambling center‘s doors. At one of his wild nights at Las Vegas casinos Ben together with Matt Damon hit €700.000 jackpot. Later he was banned from playing blackjack at the Hard Rock Casino in Vegas. After he was spotted card counting, the casino security staff warned him and then asked to leave the gambling den.

Jennifer Tilly is one of the world’s best poker gamers. The actress announced her retirement from poker in 2005 but continued her gambling career in 2012. The star is a winner of the World Series of Poker ladies Main Event where she has won €800.000.

Another star to hit the table is Justin Bieber. The star is famous for his bad behavior in public places. That was the reason for his banning from the gambling club. The young star was trying to steal a bicycle. Justin is on the ‘No Fly’ list.

There are blackjack players among sportsmen too. Tiger Woods bet up to $25,000 per hand. Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian of all time, was also caught in betting house. NBA player Charles Barkley is not an exception. He is famous for his love to spend his free time at the gaming tables. Michael Jordan enjoys hitting casinos. Unfortunately, he has lost millions betting on sports events.

Hope you have enjoyed these celebrity casino tales! Let us wait for new and not less exciting stories from paparazzi!

Written by CelebMix