Celebrities React to Brexit

Thursday 23rd June 2016 was a historic day for Great Britain as the country voted whether to leave or remain in the European Union. The results of the referendum mean that the UK has decided to leave the EU. Reactions have been mixed, from both celebs and regular people alike.

So what does Brexit (British exit) mean for the UK? Having voted to leave, the UK can no longer participate in EU negotiations, it won’t be part of the European single market and UK citizens won’t have the freedom of movement across Europe that EU citizens do. However, the UK now has more control over its borders and can make all of its own laws, without having to accept laws made by the EU.

But what are the celebs saying?

From European celebs like Niall Horan to Americans like Lindsay Lohan, everybody is having their say.

As soon as the result was announced on Friday morning, 1D’s Niall Horan immediately jumped on Twitter to express his disappointment.

Niall, along with The Vamps band member James, also tweeted his anger at the misleading information given by the Leave campaign. Niall’s tweet about “Farage” refers to UKIP leader Nigel Farage who had said leaving the EU would put more money into the National Health Service, and then subsequently said this wasn’t true.

Author J.K. Rowling has also been very vocal about the subject. When it was announced that the UK would be leaving the EU she tweeted, “I don’t think I’ve ever wanted magic more.” She also added two very poignant words, “Goodbye, UK,” in response to talks of the United Kingdom becoming divided over the decision.

Zayn Malik was equally upset by the result, tweeting about divisions in society that the vote has made all the more evident.

Indeed. All the love.

Reactions from other celebs have been overwhelmingly negative.


In addition to her tweets, Lily Allen has changed her Twitter bio to read #STOPBORIS in response to talks of Conservative politician and Leave campaigner Boris Johnson becoming Prime Minister. In the Boris discussion J.K. Rowling also retweeted this image.


Irish actor and comedian, Aisling Bea, injected a bit of humour into the Brexit conversation.

This is the real question, guys.

Boy George reckons we’ll just have to deal with it.

One EU referendum commentator that surprised everybody was American actor Lindsay Lohan who live-tweeted the referendum results, although they now appear to have been deleted. She seemed just as confused and exasperated as everybody else

Celebrities React to Brexit 1

Where IS Kettering, though?

Global superstar Cher simply tweeted that she prays the decision to leave is the best for UK people, although her emojis are a bit confusing.

These are just a few of many celebrity responses to Brexit. This is such an important decision for the UK and Europe; it’s wonderful to see so many stars engaging in the discussion and getting their fans interested in politics.

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