Stars Come Out In Support of Paris Victims

On Friday 13th of November, horrific events took place in the city of Paris, France that shook terror throughout the world.

Traumatic attacks on innocent civilians have left at least 127 dead, with 180 wounded and over 80 people left in critical condition. France late in the night declared a state of emergency, shutting its borders and deploying troops across the city.

In total, eight attacks took place on the night, ranging from shootouts of hostages, suicide bombers and explosions, spreading throughout the whole city of Paris. People were left stranded in the city, others cowering and praying for their lives.

In times like these, social media works as a platform to bring people closer together and globally spread their support to those suffering. Twitter came to a stand still as soon as reports of the attacks made their way online, and many took to their accounts to tweet out their love and support for those affected in the harrowing events.

Amongst the thousands of messages of love and support, many moving tweets were sent from celebrities, including the likes of Harry Styles, Katy Perry, Emma Watson and Justin Bieber. A popular image that was being shared was the peace sign adapted to hold the iconic Eiffel Tower in the centre.

Stars Come Out In Support of Paris Victims 2

Justin Bieber even stopped his concert that was happening the same night of the events to say a prayer for those hurt in the attacks. U2 in response to the attacks have cancelled their Paris show that was meant to take place tonight.

The onslaught has not only shocked France, but has troubled the whole world. The Eiffel Tower, Paris’ most famous landmark, was thrown into darkness and closed off until further notice as they shut their lights off as a sign of respect for those hurt in the attacks, and the world responded by proceeding to light their own monuments in the colours of the French flag, including the Empire State Building in New York City, Wembley Stadium in London and the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro.

Stars Come Out In Support of Paris Victims 3


Below are a just a small selection of the tweets that celebrities sent out amongst other messages across other forms of social media such as Instagram and Facebook too.

We, as a collective, send all our love to those wounded or affected in the Paris attacks, and pray that everyone stays safe.

All the love,




Written by CelebMix