Celebrities Who Love to Gamble Online

Gambling is a favorite pastime for millions of people all over the world, but there are many celebrities that engage in gambling activities. With the offering of online casinos, poker rooms and sportsbooks, a number of celebrities have started to play their preferred games in this manner. Celebrities can often be found playing table and card games at many of the leading casinos around the world, but they are not strangers to an online casino either. The next time a player takes a seat at an online poker table, they may very well be playing against a celebrity.

Ben Affleck is one of the most known actors who engages in gambling activities and he has been spotted at casinos all over the world. Ben has a deep love for gambling and even has many gambling references in his leading films. Affleck has admitted to having a gambling addiction and is often found at the blackjack tables. He has been banned from some of the top casinos in Vegas and has been accused of counting cards. Ben now enjoys blackjack and poker actin online on a regular basis, where he continues to enjoy success at the tables.

Jennifer Tilly is another successful celebrity gambler and she is actually considered to be a professional poker player. She has earned winnings that are in the seven figures and in addition to being found at the hottest poker tournaments in Vegas casinos, Jennifer is also a lover of online slots. She prefers three-reel versions of the game and often spends spare time spinning to win at some of the leading online casinos.

Ray Romano enjoys gambling and golf in real-life, so it should come as no surprise that he is no strategy to online gambling sites. Romano has competed in the World Series of Poker and is a member of PokerStars, an online poker network where professional and amateur players play games with high stakes and can even earn a seat at the WSOP from playing online. Romano is also known to frequent certain online casinos to engage in blackjack action and he often has a large bankroll and has been quite successful playing online.

Charlie Sheen is a celebrity who has been in the news quite often, many times regarding his gambling addiction. Sheen can be found spending much time placing bets at online sites, where he engages in poker action and even sports betting. Sheen claims he has beaten his habits and addictions to drugs and gambling, yet he can still be found placing bets online.

James Wood is a well-known actor who has an amazing love for the game of poker. He was one of the very first actors to fully jump on the celebrity poker bandwagon and he has been a frequent player at Foxwoods Resort Casino. James quickly adapted to the world of online poker and online casinos and he was one of the first to endorse Hollywood Poker, an online poker rooms that offered real money games and the chance for others to play against celebrities.

There are also many professional and Olympic athletes that love the thrills of gambling and betting online. Some of the leading casinos and poker rooms will attract names like Michael Phelps, Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley and many others. These athletes have competed in world poker tournaments online and continue to enjoy winning large payouts when they access their preferred online poker rooms and online casinos. The next time players gamble online, they may very well be playing against one of the great celebrities who have developed a love or even an addiction to online gambling.

Written by digidog sigi