Celebrities Who Love to Gamble

No one’s immune to gambling. The availability of online casino games and slots have allowed people to gamble from the comfort of their own home and celebrities are not excluded. Many of Hollywood’s greatest athletes and movie stars have been known to spend thousands at a table or other games.

Whether it’s real money slots, blackjack, poker, or roulette, here’s a list of the biggest celebrities who can’t scratch their gambling itch.

Michael Jordan

The basketball GOAT relations to gambling go deep. The former NBA superstar has denied allegations linking him to big-money blackjack tables early in his career, but later he admitted to it. The Chicago Bulls legend was so much into gambling that he played cards on planes with fellow players and staff members.

His Vegas exploits are legendary, with Jordan allegedly having spent millions on golf bets. Jordan’s gambling habits have been well documented over the years, with many media outlets claiming he lost millions on gambling tables.

He has denied these allegations as well, but security cameras and photos from lush Vegas tables tell the truth.

Ben Affleck

Hollywood star Ben Affleck has a well-documented history of gambling too. He has participated in a number of legal and illegal high-stake blackjack tournaments with millions in rewards. In one particular tournament, Affleck allegedly won $145,000. The former Justice League star allegedly gave all the earned cash to casino staff.

He certainly doesn’t need the money for it after signing an HBO contract recently to appear in Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

Bruce Willis

The Die Hard star enjoys reveling in casinos and has a serious relationship with gambling. His Vegas exploits went so far as losing $100,000 at a poker table. Of course, he has the money to burn, so we’re not exactly worried about his bank balance.

In the past, Willis was frequently seen at the Mint Lounge, a room at the palms frequented by big-name Hollywood stars.

Charles Barkley

Another NBA big-shot, Charles Barkley was a regular guest at Vegas gambling establishments. He claims he has lost $1-2 million 10-20 times, and his gambling problems have been well documented. At one point, Barkley is said to have taken a $400,000 credit at the Wynn and failed to return it on time.

That’s the time when the media learned about his gambling problems. He has been quite open about it and has promised not to set foot in Vegas casinos again.

Hugh Hefner

The late, great Hugh Hefner never denied his love for gambling. During his lifetime, he played at the most lucrative Vegas casino tables for big money. He even had his own Vegas institution – the Playboy Club & Fantasy Tower where Woody Allen and the Beatles frequently visited during the 1960s.

Hefner’s love for gambling never ceased. He could be seen at his own casino late in his life. The Playboy owner sure had money to burn, regularly placing bets worth millions on any table he found suitable in his own and other Vegas casinos.

Written by Monella