Celebrities who love to smoke

We all know that smoking is a bad habit.

Not only does it smell, but it can cause problems to your breathing and lungs, and even cause fatal conditions such as emphysema and cancer.

But unfortunately, smoking isn’t an easy habit to give up – whether you were persuaded by a friend or you tried a cigarette on your own, you’ll likely know how addictive cigarettes can be.

And you’re not alone.

Around the world, 100s of millions of people still smoke, despite many government campaigns trying to get us to stop.

Even some of the world’s biggest stars are obsessed with smoking, lighting up a joint or sticking to a traditional tobacco cigarette on set.

Whether you’re trying to quit or just want to know that you’re not on your own when it comes to smoking, we’ve pulled together some of the most famous celebrities who love to smoke… 

Cheryl Cole

During her time judging The X Factor, Cheryl Cole was often papped with a cigarette in her hand, perhaps to calm her nerves before a big performance or to take a few minutes after a stressful rehearsal with one of her acts.

The singer is known to have been a big fan of menthol cigarettes, and it’s bad news for Chez if she’s still not kicked her smoking habit.

Next year, menthol cigarettes will be banned from sale in the UK and across the European Union, but the good news is that companies are beginning to offer menthol alternatives.

Simon Cowell

Cheryl’s co-star Simon Cowell, who judges The X Factor and sister show Britain’s Got Talent, is also known to love smoking.

In fact, he recently hit the headlines after being criticized by colleague Gabrielle Union, who worked with the star on America’s Got Talent.

She said that Simon would smoke indoors, both on the set of the show and in dressing rooms – that’s illegal in some parts of the United States, but runners reportedly ignored it.

Naomi Campbell

English actress, model, and businesswoman Naomi Campbell is one of the biggest stars in the world, and she’s also a keen smoker.

The singer, along with her friend Kate Moss, was papped last year during their time working as contributing editors for British Vogue, sitting on the side of a building lighting up a cigarette.

Sometimes you need a quick fag break, right!?

Miley Cyrus

When she’s not twerking with Robin Thicke or appearing on a Black Mirror special, Miley Cyrus likes to light up from time to time.

The singer is mostly known for smoking joints and has also struggled with her tobacco addiction along the way. Back in 2014, the star tweeted that she’d gone for 2 months without smoking, but she’s been papped since with a cigarette.

Katy Perry

Everyone’s favourite pop star Katy Perry is a smoker, too.

She’s been snapped on multiple occasions and reportedly picked up the habit when she was stressed when planning her wedding to Russell Brand.

Last year, she was spotted guzzling down champagne and smoking a cigarette during a break on her Witness World Tour – but hey, she’s a hard worker, and she deserves to treat herself from time to time. So long as she looks after her voice!

Were you surprised by the celebrities on this list? Do you smoke?

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Written by Monella