Celebrities with weird and wonderful hobbies

There are celebrities who love bingo and there are those who get their kicks from sport. As with everything else with celebrities, we are obsessed to know more about them. We seek out the ins and out of their lives – and knowing they have weird hobbies is just delightful. So, with all this in mind, let’s take you through some of the more interesting cases.

Antonio Banderas

Now, we may know Antonio Banderas in the lead role of Zorro – and the voice of the cat in Shrek – he is also a fairly talented fashion designer. He enrolled himself in classes to learn how to do it properly – and has been doing it as a hobby ever since. When we say enrolled in classes, we mean he went to one of the most respected art and design schools in the whole world. This is the world of celebrity, remember.

Prince William and Kate

While Prince William is one of those who loves a game of bingo and plays it with the Royal Family at Christmas, he and Kate also love deep sea diving. This picture-perfect royal couple are certified to dive to 98 feet without an instructor present – which is pretty high level in open water diving terms.

Leslie Mann

The actress with the comedic talent, starring in films like 17 again and Knocked Up, is also pretty good on a unicycle. We are not sure how she knew she was good at riding a bike with one wheel – but she counts it as a hobby. She is not alone either – Mark Ruffalo and James McAvoy also love time on the bike seat. Maybe it is an actor thing – maybe at some point they dreamed of joining the circus and ended up in Hollywood instead. Who knows.

Blake Lively

Remember The Gossip Girl and the recent film The Shallows – well – this is how you will know Blake Lively. This wonderful actress with an awesome fashion sense also loves surfing. She loves nothing more than hanging ten and sharing her epic pics on the Insta. Those beach snaps with a surfboard by a famous actress don’t leave us feeling bitter at all… obviously. 

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is pretty famous for her role in Tomb Raider and more. However, her hobby is a little obscure – she loves collecting medieval cutlery and the like. She loves collecting pieces from the Renaissance era – and even has a collection of daggers, swords and knives. Clearly, her acting life is influencing time away from the screen – and we are not going to mess with either version of Ms Jolie.

Sylvester Stallone

The actor who is famed for his hard knock roles such as Rambo and Rocky actually has an artistic soul. He is massively interested in fine arts and has for a long time enjoyed painting himself in watercolours and oil paintings. Before you smirk, some of his work has sold for more than $100,000 – that is no shabby talent!

Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon is a top quality actress. We loved her in her role in Thelma and Louise – a movie that has given her a cult status. However, she enjoys nothing more than a game of ping pong away from the film studio. She has been known to give her closest friends and family tables through the years, and she has donated them to inner city schools too.

Taylor Swift

It is not just the acting world with crazy hobbies. Singer Taylor Swift loves nothing more than creating snow globes. Yes, snow globes. She always leaves some time leading up to the Christmas period for her hobby. She makes them out of traditional mason jars and makes sure to add more than her fair share of glitter to the design.

Ricky Gervais

And what about the comedians? Well, like Stallone, Gervais likes to think of himself as a bit of an artist. He loves nothing more than being outside in the summer painting landscapes and cityscapes. He is also pretty fond of his pets too.

Quentin Tarantino

Let’s end with someone with pure talent and vision – the famous director and filmmaker Quentin Tarantino. Would you believe us if we told you he loved to collect vintage board games? He particularly loves those games that are linked to old TV shows. To be honest, we are not at all surprised by this quirky hobby from a man who embraces the weird, wonderful and satirical.

Written by CelebMix