Celebrity 101: Noah Ritter

“Apparently”, some people are unaware of local NEPA celebrity Noah Ritter.

Ritter is known as the “apparently kid”, after an interview with him at a local fair went viral. Ritter, a Wilkes-Barre native, has been on a whirlwind media tour, appearing on several talk shows and television programs. Ritter even appears on a T.V show where he reviews toys for fans. So how exactly did Ritter use his viral interview to launch a successful career in entertainment, especially at such a young age? What is the young star doing now, and what exactly does the future hold for him? Here’s everything you need to know about Noah Ritter.

The Video

The video that launched Ritter’s career is now iconic in viral video history, especially in the area in which it originated. In 2014 Ritter was interviewed by a local news station at the Wayne County Fair and the rest was history. Ritter was hilariously adorable with his overuse of the word apparently, capturing the hearts of viewers from all over the country. The video quickly went viral, accumulating a massive amount of views in a very short period of time. What started out as a simple news interview actually launched Ritter’s celebrity career.

The Aftermath

As mentioned before, after the video was released Ritter quickly became internet famous. The video quickly circulated through the country, and even caught the attention of some A-list celebrities. However, no celebrity was more instrumental in helping Ritter further his career than Ellen Degeneres. After the success of Ritter’s news interview, Ritter was invited out to California to be on Ellen’s show and talk about his experiences dealing with his newfound fame. What followed, was a huge boon to Ritter’s career. Ritter dazzled in his interview, being just as adorable and charming as he was in his viral video. The interactions between Ritter and Degeneres captivated audiences, making for some more viral content. In fact, it was so successful that Ritter was even invited back multiple times. Ritter has done a wide variety of things on Ellen, including reviewing pizza and reviewing toys, further adding to his already growing fame. However, Ellen wasn’t the only celebrity that Ritter has had interactions with in his post viral life. Ritter has also had some adorable encounters with celebrities such as Chris Pratt and Eric Stonestreet.

The Present

Currently Ritter stars on an ABC television show called The Toy Box. On the Toy Box, contestants pitch their ideas for new toys to a panel of industry experts. However, the catch is that the contestants also have to pitch their toy ideas to a panel of child judges as well. Ritter is one of the judges that appears on the show, adding his humor and charm to the show. He is still the same loveable little kid that appeared in that viral video and on Ellen several years ago and has not lost any of his humor.

The FutureIt will be interesting to see where exactly Ritter’s career will go from here. There have been plenty examples of past child stars that have been able to turn their fame into life long careers. These are people that have no problem with the spotlight, and have a distinct advantage as they have dealt with it all of their lives. However, there are also several examples of child stars that have flamed out and become irrelevant as time goes on. When a child star ages, it may be difficult for them to stay in the spotlight. Their niche is their ability to be cute and charming in an innocent manner. However, as they grow older into their teen and young adult years it can be very difficult to maintain that stardom. They are no longer that adorable innocent little kid that captured everyone’s hearts. Ritter is of a slightly different breed, as his fame stems from a viral video that he was able to use to catapult his career fowad. Ritter has already adapted from a video star to famous talk show guest to T.V star, meaning that he may fare better than most child stars when it comes to adapting. However, time will only tell whether Ritter’s career is here to stay or whether he is just a flash in the pan in the era of viral media.

Written by Jack