Celebrity Charity Football Match

On Sunday 13th March, Withdean Stadium hosted a celebrity charity football match in Brighton.

Many celebrities attended the event, both old and new.

YouTuber, Joe Weller, was the most popular person there. He was constantly surrounded by teenage girls and boys before and after the football match.

Another person was Singer/Songwriter, Hobbie Stuart, who was also surrounded by girls a lot of the time (even some mums!).

There was many other celebrities on the team like presenter, Jeff Brazier, YouTuber, Theo Baker, storage hunters star, ‘Heavy D’ and even more.

They played against Chestnut Tree House FC and the Celebrity All Stars Team won by 10 – 2.

Tickets were £5 each and so many people turned up for the match, all profits went to the Chestnut Tree House Children’s Hospice.

Everyone really enjoyed the match and even some YouTubers like Jake Mitchell and Saffron Baker turned up to watch it.

Overall it was a great event and knowing that all the money went to a good cause made it even better.

Considering they aren’t trained footballers, the celebrity all stars team were amazing at playing and really got into the game.

All the staff were great along with the celebrities, there should definitely be more charity matches hosted!

Watch out on Joe Weller’s channel for a vlog of the whole event soon!

Written by CelebMix