Celebrity Relations Specialist Elie Zeschkowski Takes Concierge Services to Next Level

Photo Courtesy of Elie Zeschkowski

CelebMix sat down with Elie Zeschkowski, CEO of Elyzee Events, a diplomatic protocol and celebrity relations agency headquartered in Paris, France with agencies in London, Geneva, Los Angeles, and New York City.

Founded in New York in 1995, Zeschkowski’s agency has become a leader throughout the events and concierge services scene in the United States.

“Our know-how and ability to respond to the most complex requests have enabled the Elyzée Events Agency to build a thriving reputation,” Zeschkowski told CelebMix. “In the early 2000s, we dropped off our luggage in the canton of Geneva. Afterwards, our group has developed in Paris and London, with its prestigious patrons.”

CelebMix: What separates you from others in this industry?

Elie Zeschkowski: Unlike many concierge services worldwide, we are directly connected with the service providers with whom we work. Through our various agencies located around the globe, we can answer all the requirements for our customers. At the same time, satisfying the least of their desires.

The Elyzée group developed our business model on an international scale. Our marketing policy allows us to offer our consumers all types of services without necessarily having needless bureaucracy. This economic model is one of our strengths.

With more than 500 agents worldwide, we offer various offers, sometimes almost impossible, and at a price compatible with the market. So this is the reason why in most cases, the customer calls Elyzée rather than any random concierge. 

CelebMix: Let’s talk about the UX, or user-experience here.

EZ: Our company’s luxury concierge allows for us to assist organizations 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For example, if you wanted to rent a private jet within two hours, you would have both the jet and an experienced pilot ready to go for you.

Or, let’s say at 9:00 pm, you need a luxury car to go to a restaurant or to travel by helicopter. What do you do? We’re here to give you what you need, providing solutions to tailor-made requests. Our clients know they can treat themselves to extraordinary moments and incredible experiences, thanks to the luxury concierge.

Our network of luxury professionals present all over the world allows us to make your wildest dreams possible. Live extraordinary moments, unbelievable and tailor-made adventures.

Your imagination finds its realization thanks to our concierges and our specialized consultants. So that you can live and build novel memories. Our teams are ready to organize, plan and coordinate your wildest desires down to the smallest detail, our only mission: your happiness and the pleasure of the present moment.

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