Does Celebrity Status Really Make You Happy?

Looking in from the outside it is easy to think that high profile celebrities have it all, that they must have it easy, and they have no worries. After all they are multi millionaires, are adored by millions of fans, and are hugely successful. They can afford luxury holidays, fancy cars, designer clothes, and huge mansions. But does all this really make you happy? Is the world of fame really as glamorous as it looks?

Do these people even have the time or the privacy to enjoy their success and wealth? Let’s face it most of them are way too busy to even enjoy a long vacation, and if they do take a break from the spotlight, they have the fear of being forgotten by the general public and their careers ending.
Their schedules are manic and hectic, and they often have their days planned out months and sometimes even years in advance with little time for a break in between. Most high profile celebrities don’t even have the time to eat properly. They work long and tiring hours, often starting their day at 4am and working all day until 10pm. With constant press interviews, travelling and photo shoots. So is it any wonder that these high profile celebrity figures often crumble under the pressure and are often deeply unhappy?
Think about it, would you be able to handle the constant invasion of your privacy and the pressures of always needing to look and act perfect? Would you be able to handle someone following your every move, having every moment of your life documented? Even when you’re ill, going through a break-up or even dealing with grief, would you be able to live under those circumstances?
These people can’t afford to have a bad day, or ever be seen swearing or acting in anyway that isn’t deemed good role model behaviour, for fear of jeopardising their long term careers.
They live under a micro scope 24/7 and they can’t go anywhere without being followed by the paparazzi. In what other walk of life or job, other than the crazy world of fame would it be OK for a group of strangers to follow you down a street or stay outside your house and take photos of you without being arrested?

From the outside, celebrities look like they have it all, but in reality they are too overworked, too over stressed and put under way too much pressure to live up-to their “perfect” image.
At the end of they day they are just normal people with jobs. They are going to make mistakes, they are not going to be perfect, no human is.
Celebrities should be allowed to complain about their workload without being called spoilt, selfish or ungrateful, after all it is not their fault they get paid millions for a movie role, to play sports or go on tour and record an album. They don’t choose the wage structure and most celebrities are selfless in many ways and often give their time and money to various charities, but they should be allowed to blow off steam, just like the rest of us.

Most of these singers, actors and sport stars etc got into this business to entertain us, to make us feel hopeful, to inspire us to follow our own dreams and to create an escape world for us to enjoy.
So we really shouldn’t be trying to knock them down all the time, it shouldn’t matter if you like or loath their latest single, love or hate their latest film or support an opposite team or cheer them on, there should be a mutual respect for these people, who at the end of the day are just doing a job.
They shouldn’t have to deal with trolls online just because they are in the public eye, or receive constant speculation and rumours from the press, and we should stop saying that they should all be happy and content just because they are rich.
It seems pretty obvious that money doesn’t buy any sort of happiness, yes it gets you stability, security and a nice house, but it doesn’t buy the most important things in life; health, love, loyalty and understanding.

We should all concentrate on making our own money and our own dreams come true, instead of thinking the grass is greener on the other side. Be happy with what you have, go out and get what you want. Love, laugh and be happy.

Enjoy their music, watch their films, support your favourite team, they do it all for us to enjoy. Love them, support them but most importantly understand and respect them.
Rich, or poor, successful or not, we are all the same, we are all human, and we all deserve and need respect, loyalty and love.

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Written by Laura Klonowski

Qualified music journalist! Writing single/album/live reviews, feature articles, interviews, and news pieces.
Twitter: @cherylssoldier1
Instagram: @musicandtournews