CEO Sean K. DeMarco Spotted at LAX Private Airport Terminal After Attending Eliances Ground Table

CEO Sean K. DeMarco is back in Los Angeles, California, from the Ground Table event in Scottsdale, Arizona, on September 13, 2022. DeMarco was spotted at the LAX private terminal wearing a Tommy Hilfiger white windbreaker and navy blue slim chino pants, carrying a red duffel bag. 

Sean the CEO of DeMarco Enterprises International, Inc. and DeMarco Real Estate of Southern California, LLC. Both companies are currently valued at an estimated seven figures, making Sean officially a millionaire before reaching 30 years old.

Eliances Ground Table private invite only event is organized to connect people in ways that open doors to new ventures, partnerships, and businesses. “Where entrepreneurs align” to help foster new alliances, startups, and business growth. The event was attended by renowned guests composed of billionaires, millionaires, professional athletes, celebrities, investors, inventors, CEOs, and founders.

Guests and members shake on deals and new business; the Secret Session, in which members make presentations in their particular expertise; and Idea Hour, in which members share their ideas of interest.

Some of the distinguished past and current attendees include the CEO of Century 21, the co-founder of Priceline Travel site, the co-founder of Oculus, the creator of Guitar Hero, and the CEO of Celsius Holdings Inc.

On his way toward this goal, DeMarco studied business in college after high school and began investing in the stock market, Pre-IPOs as well as real estate ventures. DeMarco built DeMarco Enterprises International, Inc. and DeMarco Real Estate of Southern California, LLC. Over time, he also became a cryptocurrency enthusiast after seeing its long-term investment potential.

Prior to this, the CEO became well known for his weight loss success after losing 250 pounds, which he wrote about in his book, Finding Me: 250 Pounds Later. The book narrates his extraordinary journey of achieving his ideal body weight after years of struggle since childhood.

Sean firmly believes in the need to seek progress, whether it be professionally or personally. Sean chooses to hold out hope for progress and pushes the limits of his business savvy and leadership abilities to bring out the best in both himself and his enterprise. 

Written by TedFuel