The Chainsmokers and Niall Horan collab confirmed!

We all know that 2016 was a messy year, and one of the very few blessings we’ve received in 2016 was the music by these two performers; The Chainsmokers and Niall Horan.

Let’s face it, even though you’ve listened to ‘Closer’ and ‘This Town’ at least 239 times since they were released, they just have something about them that makes you sing along to it every time, even if you feel like they were overplayed. Chances are you’ll head over to YouTube and listen to one of the songs as soon as this article is done, so we’ll save you the trouble.

Both songs have been absolute hits and have been on top of the charts for a long time. And now, we finally have confirmation that this trio will come together next week to work together on some new music. Could 2017 have a better start?

It was first announced during a live video on Instagram, as The Chainsmokers said that a meet up was already arranged.

Not long after the news broke, there was a short but cute interaction on Twitter, and a bit of embarrassment from Niall’s side, as per usual.

So, what does the future hold for these artists? We’d reckon nothing but the very top of the charts all around the world, a few Grammys perhaps.

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Written by Azra

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