Chance the Rapper bought out Chatham Theater so fans could see ‘Get Out’ for free

Chance the Rapper has made a name for himself as a rapper who’s talent and spirit far exceed that of most. He’s not just a force to be reckoned with in the music industry, he’s an activist and he is proud of his spirituality and often raps about it. He’s a breath of fresh air in the music industry and today, he’s making headlines for a reason that has definitely given us an even softer spot for the star.

Jordan Peele’s ‘Get Out’ is labeled a comedy thriller but the truth is, since it’s debut, the movie has been more of a tool of awakening. The film has been the talk of social media for putting race issues right in our faces in a way that makes it something that can’t just be shrugged off. Chance was a big fan of the film himself as he tweeted that it was ‘the best film across any genre in a while’.

The film was so good, in fact, that Chance didn’t just stop at singing his praises. He went on to buy out Chatham Theater and tweeted this news to his fans. He wanted to make the film accessible to anyone. Pitchfork first reported this information and while the theater itself was unable to be contacted, the website for it does show the sold out viewings.

Fans have already been tweeting Chance from the theater as they’ve shown up to watch what will inevitably go down as one of the most eye-opening films of recent time. Chance’s spirit and drive to allow others to see this film has got the internet talking. We’re sure attendance for the film is only going to go up as more and more people line up to see ‘Get Out’.

In fact, if you plan to see it at the Chatham Theater, you may just see Chance there later on.

Written by Ashley

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