Chance The Rapper Reclaims Thousands of Tickets From Scalpers

Chance The Rapper is a 23-year-old hip hop artist from Chicago. When his upcoming performance for the Magnificent Coloring Day Festival sold out, ticket scalpers released tickets at extreme prices. The artist then decided to take matters into his own hands to reclaim the tickets for his loyal fans.

Chance went on Twitter to announce to his fans that he had reclaimed some tickets. He took money from his own pockets because he wants fans to be able to purchase them at a reasonable price, from about $45-$75. He also tweeted that there is now a limit on the amount of tickets that people can purchase to prevent scalpers from buying them.

The concert then sold out once again, but Chance was quick to take action. This time, he announced that he had recovered almost 2,000 tickets from scalpers.

We admire Chance for taking the time to recover the tickets for his fans!

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Cover Photo Credits: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Written by Michele Mendez

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