Charity Appeal: Matthew Martino Benevolent Fund

The Matthew Martino Benevolent Fund provides funding, scholarships and grants for actors, filmmakers and young people worldwide.

MMBF (Matthew Martino Benevolent Fund) is an international fund set up to support young people with an interest to follow a career in the film industry or aspiring pilots. The fund welcomes applications from anywhere in the world and aims to support individuals whose careers are at standstill due to having no resources to move their career’s forward.


Founder, 22-year-old Matthew C. Martino, said: “Our charity is working to tackle some of the toughest challenges within the Film & TV industry as well as the Aviation industry to ensure that adequate support is available for the aspiring generation who will conquer tomorrow. We only focus on a few projects as we feel it’s the best way to gain more impact.”

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Written by CelebMix